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    led fog light bulbs

    Yes they do as one of mine went and it gave an error
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    my avant progress thread

    Yes very easy just like slappy said just be gentle not to break the clips.
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    my avant progress thread

    The boot strip looks good, i did mine last week just popped it of painted it and put it back on easy job but looks much better
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    FK wheel spacers

    Hi how much for a pair of FK 13mm Hubcentric Wheel Spacers & bolts. Pdc 5x112 centre 57.1. Cheers Andy
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    S4 Side view mirrors **Edit""

    I think most go with the covers but genuine ones are quite expensive. A lot took them off as they were being knicked and damage was being done
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    A4 avant tailgate lock/catch mechanism

    Hi I'm after a price for an A4 avant tailgate lock/catch mechanism. It's a 2002 b6 1.9tdi reg so02rzl. I think the part number 8e9827520. Cheers Andy
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    Widebody parts anyone?

    Isn't further than Scotland somewhere like Iceland?? I may be wrong thow. And I mite be a widemonkey but what's wrong with a bit of cushion ?
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    Widebody parts anyone?

    One phrase to describe that Audi kid "comedy genius" there is no way he is for real
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    I'd be interested in a group buy
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    my avant progress thread

    Looking good mate
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    anyone bought metal plates from here?

    +1 for the link rawtor51 gave. I got mine from him, very quick delivery and great quality. And fit spot on in my plate surrounds.
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    Sloshing sound

    Yep mine does it too. I live on a hill so when I go down it and stop to reverse you can hear it. Had me worried at first
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    Gauging Interest in An Open Day @ Juicy just for ASN Members

    Ill be up for it. I live in chester le street so your only 5mins away.
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    German plates - recommendations

    +1 for the plate man on eBay. That's where mine are from and they look great.