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    Broken Data Module

    Took delivery of an 8V S3 a few months back. For search purposes, I encountered a problem with the Data Module at the same time as my 3 months Audi Connect ended, appears to be complete coincidence. The car failed to pick up that a SIM card was in the slot and every time I went into the...
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    Sat Nav Map updates - SD Card?

    Just picked up a 2011/2012 A6 with the SD card nav unit. The maps are marked as 2011 and wondered if the only way of getting uptodate maps was to pay the dealer a stupid pile of cash? I found some ebay sellers referencing activation or something.
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    Waving goodbye to the B7 family

    Cheers guys. Can't wait to pick the new one up, pity it isn't red :(
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    Waving goodbye to the B7 family

    I haven't really been active on the forums for a while but just wanted to pop in to say I am moving on from B7-land after putting a deposit down on a 3 year old A6 S-Line. Be sad to see the old dog go but she is over 10 now.
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    H&R Springs back to stock or alternative?

    Got H&R springs fitted to my A4 but over the past few months they have driven me mad. Just a bit too low so have skimmed it a bit on a few high speed bumps and the ride is awful. First off, seeing as I've ditched the springs, anyone know the part numbers for S-Line genuine springs? Or are there...
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    Screw appeared in the footwell

    The ru got it spot on. Foot rest screw. Cheers guys.
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    Screw appeared in the footwell

    Got in the car today and noticed a screw lying in the driver side footwell right next to the door. I cannot find where it has come from so wondered if anyone had an idea. It is black with a washer around it and is a cross-head rather than a torx. I've had a look around the door card but all...
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    Don't Buy Anything From This Guy!!

    Be a shame if someone melted the bumper on his current car ;)
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    front splitter installation tips etc required .

    I've just carbon wrapped mine so for others who might want to do was an ballache!
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    cruise control install - tools question

    Yep, the Halfords one just needs a little of the handle taken off but works fine.
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    Under Body Heatshield

    I was thinking that but one of the holes is massive. Have no idea how expensive they are to buy new as no one online appears to have them.
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    Under Body Heatshield

    But you're clever :)
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    Under Body Heatshield

    If my car catches alight then I'm blaming you :)
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    Under Body Heatshield

    Noticed a rattling noise from beneath the car, started to panic slightly but had a look tonight and one of the heat shields has corroded around the bolts. Managed to get it off. Does anyone know whether you can run your car without it or is it not a good idea? Any rough ideas on the price?
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    Another 2.0TDI EGR Valve Cleaning Thread - with before and after pics.

    Unless someone wants to step in, I believe the BRE is a 140 and won't have a dpf.