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    Corrected my car details. 1. Av4nt (Lewis Jameson) A4 S Line 2.0FSI Special Edition 220 2. Spartan91 (Mark) A3 S Line 2.0 TDI 3. JG51 AUD (John) B8 A4 2.0 TDI Saloon 4. <Tuffty/> (Paul) 8L S3 5. HullRs3 ( John Arnold) RS3 (8p) 2.5 TFSI Sportback 6. Point_Audi ( Shaun) A4 B8 2.0 TDI Saloon...
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    AITP 6 discussions

    My wristbands came last week, one for my A4 Cab and one for the missus' A3 Cab, so see you on the Sunday morning.
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    Anyone selling a wind shield for A4 cabriolet ?

    I've bought two on ebay, the first was damaged, and I didn't realise. It worked for about a year and then broke completely, so I immediately went out and bought another. This time in immaculate condition. I honestly wouldn't drive my cab with the roof down without it fitted, it really makes a...
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    Purchased Audi A4 2.0T FSI S Line 2dr Multitronic

    Hi mate, I have a B7 A4 Cab with Multitronic although mines a diesel and I got it a Revo remap last year at AITP. Makes a nice difference too.
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    Required Retrofits

    Girlfriends car now sorted. Nigel is a retrofit god. Cheers chap.
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    Username : XFranc Name : Dan Car : A4 B7 S-Line Cabriolet 2.0TDI Car : A3 8P 1.6 TDI Sport Cabriolet (GF's car)
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    Required Retrofits

    Can't praise this man enough. Thanks again Nigel, and look forward to organising getting the gf's car sorted.
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    Required Retrofits

    Hi, I'm looking to get the following done to my A4 B7 Cab : Cruise Control Aux input and RNS-E coding And for my girlfriends A3 Cab 8P : Multifunction Steering Wheel Bluetooth module Possible folding mirrors. I'm not really capable of doing these things myself and would rather pay for them...
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    What do you do for a job?

    Funny that Gooey33, I'm a backup and archive specialist, currently based at RR for HP :)
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    AitP Discussions Thread.

    I wondered past, but as I hadn't posted on here that I was going I didn't get to park near you guys. Quite pleased to see that my audi was the only one at the entire show that was in Venetian Violet lol. While there I went over to the Revo stand and decided to get my 2.0 TDI remapped then and...
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    Get your wheels out for the lads!!

    Not sure where they are from - but they are two-tone, black on the inner and chrome on the spokes.
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    Oh Look, It's another RNS-E Thread

    Thanks Sandra, My car picture was on the thread in the Welcome section you replied to previously :) :)
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    Oh Look, It's another RNS-E Thread

    THanks, I have replied. Let me know if you don't recieve. XF
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    Oh Look, It's another RNS-E Thread

    Any one have any advice ? TIA
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    Hi from Northants

    Yeah, I think I've only seen 1 other in the past 10 months.