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    S3 in VW "Viper Green Metallic " Please.

    sorry for bringing back a really old post but out of interest did the guy ever have it sprayed that colour??
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    Few pics, java green 1.8tqs, bbs lms, coilovers

    all i can say is thats lush! have a look through the pics of mine, should give you some ideas :) we were on stand at audi inters castle coombe :)
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    Fathers rights ??

    my ex had our child 14 weeks premature at 12:04 early hours this morning however my ex being the way she is doesnt want me near so as he is in intensive care and will be now for around 3 months what rights do i have to see my child? all i get is these 2 pics sent from her fone to my dad and...
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    im back.....

    the colour still doesnt beat ur purple ;) lush... yeh just working out our monay and stuff at might come to inters ;)
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    im back.....

    hi guys just like to say that after more than 9 months of no audi im back ;) as some of you know me n vicki split up just before christmas and she kept the car however yesterday me and the "new missus" picked up an audi a3 in a seemingly rare colour, its a bit older and none turbo but its a...
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    S3 parts on a A3 TQS?????'s

    hi im pretty sure the turbo will bolt straight on and as for the fmic i got one off ebay for my old tqs and it run very well
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    well me n vicki split up ages ago, she kept the green quattro but me n the new missus have had a a3 1.8se, got loads of plans for it and hopefuly will see you at some of the shows as the last time i saw u guys was audi international ;) ive looked through 27 pages of pics just and not seen one in...
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    ASN's New Look & Feel...

    i think it looks pretty good, i think its got something missing tho, a bit of red here and there! also google chrome says i need to download something to view the site however E explorer lets me straight on???
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    ur quattro

    3 words "SEX ON WHEELS"
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    Lotus Carlton

    my dad had a 3.6 about 5 years ago and it is one of the fastest cars i have ever been in, it also confused everybody having a 2.0 cdx badge on the boot ;) and vauxhall badges not lotus!
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    Top Gear gear

    cool, i want 1
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    car craft rip off

    i had a saab vector 54 reg 2.0t full sports pack, full electrics and it was top of the range and such a luxury car, we bought it as our golf gti was rubbish on fuel and we wanted something better to use on a daily basis so we found this saab adertised at 38mpg thats 18 more than we were getting...
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    help needed please?

    ive seen the "open or short to ground" faults a few times and it normally means a dodgy switch or dirty connection but i wouldnt like to guess at the others ;)
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    Window Closure by Key Fob

    not that i have heard, however theres that much software on the market im sure you could find someone who can do it!
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    fmic fitting help?

    lol you will have to post up how you get on.....