Free text search / MMI search

Free text search / MMI search

Free text search / MMI search​

Audi MMI search is available for all basic menus, and like a search engine it is based on free text entry. It generally responds to searches after just a few letters have been input, taking into consideration the car’s current location. When searching for a place to eat, for instance, simply enter the name of the restaurant and the first letters of the city, and a list of hits appears together with the addresses – this works throughout Europe. Searching for tracks, albums and radio stations also works this way. Partly the MMI search integrates also intelligent functions.

When looking for a restaurant, for instance, the list of hits also includes Yelp ratings, provided that there is an internet connection. In addition, sorting can be performed according to various criteria. Fuel prices are listed for filling stations. Alternatively there is the option of a Google search.
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