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  1. CarChris

    seized front brake caliper

    so not last weekend but the one before I thought I would take the tt out for a drive as I haven't used it in a couple of weeks, to cut the story short the one of the front calipers had seized. Has anyone else had this problem of it seizing after not using the car for a couple of weeks? Here is...
  2. CarChris

    Audi TT mk3 how to code out the rear spoiler

    HI my friend just installed a fixed wing on his mk3 and we just coded it out with obd eleven here is a quick guide on how to do it.
  3. CarChris

    mk1 project thread build

    I was looking for a mk1 to go with my mk2, and today was the day I got it after looking and viewing some really bad examples. This is no where near perfect but a project l. I will film the progress and put it up on my YouTube channel as well as updating the progress on here in this thread and...
  4. CarChris

    what does your other half think of your tt?

    so last weekend I needed to go and get some fuel and my partner decided to come with me so I let her drive as she hasn't really driven the tt much I also wanted to know what she thinks of the TT? Here is what she thought.
  5. CarChris

    TRAX 2021 car show Silverstone video

    so last weekend I ended up at trax at Silverstone what a great show I found some nice Audis which I put on the vid along with many other cars enjoy
  6. CarChris

    gravity show slammed uk video

    so last Sunday I went gravity slammed uk and what a show any car fanatic would love it and also manged to meet Jamie from officially gassed.
  7. CarChris

    vag society uk show (video)

    I went to this show last weekend and what a great show lots of stunning cars (check it out)
  8. CarChris


    Hi I went to dmaxx 250 on Sunday I never been to dmaxx before.Here is the vid I took while I was there.
  9. CarChris

    New fog surrounds

    Hi I fitted some honeycomb fog surrounds but needed to do some painting,well I did is a vid of them
  10. CarChris


    In this video my mate Rob turned up with a ramair induction kit but its seems like right one but wrong one at the same time like for a golf or something as the TT have the battery in the boot . Let us know in the comments if you have this kit? And what experiences you had with it.
  11. CarChris

    aitpXII video

    I just uploaded a video from last Sunday at audis in the park 12 2021 such a great day and turn out. Enjoy
  12. CarChris

    simply Audi 2021

    I just put up a vid of yesterdays simply audi so gutted that my stabilisation on my camera packed in but I tried my best
  13. CarChris

    glovebox slow opening fix

    As some of you might have seen my last video which I talked about 5 things I hate about my car, I decided to sort 1 of them, the glovebox opening so slow. Here is the video of it getting sorted and how I did it.Hope it helps
  14. CarChris

    5 things I hate about my TT

    I have just uploaded a new video on my channel which I have done the floor mat problem fix and shown you things I don't like about my tt what bugs you about yours?
  15. CarChris

    engine rattle tfsi

    I have just uploaded a video of a slight rattle not 100% what it is we have checked for chain stretch.Im started to think it maybe waste gate rattle so we will try one of those clips to see if its that. If not if may well be the tensioner or something to do with the camshaft variable valve...
  16. CarChris


    I just done a quick review video of what I think of the obdeleven i hope it helps
  17. CarChris

    new wheels

    I just put on some new wheels I went for 19" but they are only 8.5" j with tyres size 245 35 19 I was doing loads of research before on what et to go for I went for et 35 which has giving the car the look I was after, I'm lowered with Bilstein b12 which is 20mm lower at the back and 25mm at...
  18. CarChris

    Fixed wing

    Hi I just got my fixed wing back today from the paint shop,I'm really pleased with how it came out.i do a vid when I put it on the car.
  19. CarChris


    I had a go at using the carista obd tool .If anyone is thinking of getting one watch my review first. I hope you find it useful and help you decide whether or not to get one.
  20. CarChris

    maxton design side skirts

    I have fitted some of these side skirt extensions, It might be helpful if your thinking of doing the same, here is a video of how I fitted mine.