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  1. Schlaag

    RS3 to buy or not to buy?

    Buy it. They are EXCELLENT cars!
  2. Schlaag

    Whats your insurance? Just did mine.

    35 year old with 34 year old mrs on policy. Both clean licences, me with 5 yrs ncb parked on driveway £370 Admiral
  3. Schlaag

    Finally milltek exhaust available for the RS3 8v

    I have a standard exhaust. I will be fitting the secondary cat removal pipes and will see how the sound is improved with that first! for only £200. I'd rather have the OEM std sports exhaust though, unless the milltek is amazingly better! (which I doubt)
  4. Schlaag

    S3 8v to RS3 8v insurance difference

    2011 S3 was with Swiftcover Had 4 months left and they don't insure RS3s so had to cancel, get a part refund and went with Admiral.
  5. Schlaag

    Audi rs3 8va oil catch can

    Interesting, thanks for sharing all this! Will keep an eye on your results as to what is collected :)
  6. Schlaag

    New RS3 questions?

    gap123 I think for me Policy type: Combined Vehicle Replacement Length of cover: 3 years £179
  7. Schlaag

    2015 / 2016 AUDI RS3 Sportback (8V) ' Test Drive & Review - TheGetawayer

    I prefer the RS3 over an S3 and bought an RS3 over an S3 because.... it's a god damned RS3 ffs!!
  8. Schlaag

    Mpg? Worse than gtr!

    Drove 300 miles yesterday (motorway) and drove like an absolute fanny.... I managed to average 36mpg by the time I got home.
  9. Schlaag

    Rs3 fuel reserve anyone know?

    Err.. I think you will be totally fine if you fill up with super at zero miles!
  10. Schlaag

    Spacers. Who's running them?

    interested also... wouldn't mind coming out a few mm with the wheels. I think I used hubcentric eibach ones years ago on a prev car
  11. Schlaag

    Car cover (outdoor) for your RS3?

    Hi all. Does anyone use or recommend an outdoor car cover for their RS3? Unfortunately our car will be on the drive so I'd like a cover to try and protect the paint as well as keeping attention to it, minimal. I was thinking about the Classic Additions lightweight cover... (No RS3 or 8V...
  12. Schlaag


    Thank you, just confirmed with my dealer that I can collect it this Friday :) I'll still participate on this forum, it will be nice to join a specific RS3 one also.
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    Have dropped him a line, thank you both :)
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    Does anyone know an administrator there? I signed up (same username) last week and i'm still not validated... Is there anyone I can give a gentle nudge to?
  15. Schlaag

    Finance Application Process

    My mrs has an experian score of 999 hence why the RS3 is going in her name! :openmouth:
  16. Schlaag

    Who do you insure your RS3 with?

    Ah good... did you ring them up and add them over the phone by chance?
  17. Schlaag

    Question on Magnetic (MR) Ride option

    Cheers... awaiting 'verification' taking a long time!
  18. Schlaag

    Question on Magnetic (MR) Ride option

    Ahh good news! did he document it on this forum? I cant find any posts using the search
  19. Schlaag

    Question on Magnetic (MR) Ride option

    Can the sports exhaust be retro fitted? I assume its JUST the back box?
  20. Schlaag

    Who do you insure your RS3 with?

    God that was painful.... just went through adding options to the policy with them and was like pulling teeth. I'm not filled with confidence, has anyone listed their options with Admiral and got confirmation they're covered with the policy in writing? I asked for some form of print out to be...