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    B&O Cracking Sound

    Hi All, I have a 2015 S3 with the B&O system and recently have noticed that when connected to bluetooth at least, the sound above a certain volume sounds like a poorly tuned radio. When the phone is plugged in, the issue seems to resolve itself, but bluetooth should still surely work fine, it...
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    Remap with Warranty

    Evening folks, Been looking into remaps / tuning boxes, and stumbled across this, seem pretty decent tbf. AND they provide a 2 year warranty with their maps!! Has anyone heard of or used these...
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    Black S3. Reg: RV15 MFP

    Morning all, as I said yesterday, I'm looking at buying a used S3. I have seen the following for sale, but have a couple of 'concerns' I just wondered if anyone on here has seen or knows this car? Black S3 Reg RV15 MFP?? I won't create a new thread for all potential buys to annoy you so will...
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    2014-2016 S3

    Morning Guys, I am looking at buying an S3 (2014-2016) I just wondered if other than the obvious anyone had any sites they have used and had a good experience with? Or if you know of any cars for sale that have a decent history? Ideally I am after an automatic with comfort back, privacy glass...
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    RS3 Potential Sale

    Hi all I am unfortunately looking into selling my beloved RS3!! Not something I want to do, but priorities and circumstances have changed and I cannot justify it any more! My question is, to those that have sold RS' and the like before, What companies did you find gave you best price and best...
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    Audi UK and Lambda Sensor

    After a bit of advice please guys, I am absolutely fuming with the poor service from Audi UK on this one, It's not big beer money wise, but it's the principal! So today I took my car to my independent garage for it's oil service. On the way there I noticed the car jolting under acceleration...
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    FL Brake Pads

    Hi all, My brake wear indicator came on a few days ago, I am aware I have around 1000 miles left, but don't want to risk it starting to eat into the discs too. So I am going to change them. I got a quote from my local indy of £345 all in for the front pads (EBC Red Stuff) does anyone else have...
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    IOS 13 & MMI

    Morning all, Just wondering if anyone else who has update to IOS now all of a sudden has a pop up on the MMI when phone connects to bluetooth requesting a user name and password for the data transfer? I don't know what this is so cancel it and everything works as it should because I have...
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    Speed Limited Cars from 2022

    We best all keep hold of our current beasts if this happens! Before the brexit stuff all starts too, it seems it will come into the UK market regardless... What a nanny state of a world we live in!
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    MyAudi App

    Has anyone fully set up the MyAudi app? What features do you have? I had set it up and linked the vehicle, but it didn't seem to have much on it, I have now seen an update, gone onto the app and it says I need to get my audi centre to register me as the owner to get access to more features? I...
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    Detail Your Eyecandy!

    Just had my car come back from a Gloss Enhancement detail with a G Techniq coating thanks to Detail Your Eyecandy!!! Love it!!
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    My RS3 Detailed By 'Detail Your Eyecandy'

    Just had my car treated to a G Techniq coating and gloss enhancement detail from Detail Your Eyecandy MASSIVELY recommend!!
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    VC Shutdown!!

    Right. Not sure if this has happened to anyone else. But today while driving my VC decided to go mental! All the warning lights came on and the TC was flashing rapidly! I also had no speed and the rev counter wasn’t moving. Then (unable to stop) the whole thing shut down and said ignition off...
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    M4 Competition vs RS3 FL

    I wasn't sure if I should start a new thread here or not, but a few people said they were interested in my thoughts after I managed to get a weekend in a brand new M4 from BMW so I decided to just do it... For reference it was a 68 plate M4 Competition with the 7 speed DCT that turned up with 60...
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    Engine Coolant Warning

    I was driving around today and about half a mile from home I got the 3 beeps and "Turn off engine now and check coolant" The oil temp was around 105 degrees (had been sat in traffic) I continued home, and once I got moving more freely, The oil temp dropped back to the more normal 92 degrees, and...
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    Milltek Bluetooth Active Valve Control

    Does anyone have, or know anyone with this? I am very interested in getting an AVC, but unsure which at present and I cannot seem to find any information anywhere on Milltek's offering. Also cost quoted is pretty high, I wondered if...
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    Sat Nav Issues

    Bit of a boring one, but has anyone else had issues with the sat nav, On multiple occasions now I have in put a post code and it just spins and spins without ever suggesting the location or letting me move on! It isn't a signal issue as google earth has always loaded. I have then decided to...
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    Servicing & PCP

    I am just wondering what peoples thoughts are on this: I believe the policy wording on the PCP is 'Audi Approved Centre' to me that means main dealer, although most independents in my opinion are better, they are not Audi Approved are they? What are people with their cars on PCP going to do...
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    2018 RS3 Exhaust Delete Plugs + Loop

    All, VW Parts International have finally completed testing and released the valve delete plugs. they can be found here:
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    Drivers Window Shattered

    Just a heads up really, was driving near stoke today when my drivers window completely shattered, suggestions are an air rifle but i have read online tempered glass with installation issues can randomly shatter. Just want to give you all a heads up to be weary I guess and hope you don’t have the...