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    Nurburgring Oct 7th - 10th

    I'm in (as already mentioned). Planning for next year gives us plently of time to organise dates, but please be under no illusion of commitment required. We need 12 to make this a success, we can't have people dropping out at the last minute. It'll be a great few days away :D Kev.
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    University Dissertation handed in. So I'm now back LOL

    It's a nice feeling to get that final copy binded and submitted. I know what you mean about the long hours, but it's all worth it in the long run. Then you can look back and be pleased that you never have to do it again! Kev.
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    S3 FAQ

    Probably because of a site crash last year which lost alot of data. Perhaps we should look at cleaning it up a bit when we have some time! Kev.
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    Side Lights

    Matt, IIRC it is a twist and pull, the twist is easy but pulling it out takes the effort, and as I say, there is so little space, especially on the passenger side. Let someone else confirm it's twist and pull then set aside 30mins to do it, keep at it mate, it will come out, just practice. Kev.
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    Side Lights

    Rob is spot on. The bulb went on the passenger side by the battery, I tried to get the holder out, no luck, I removed the battery cover and tried again, it's very tight in there, still no luck! Feeling rather ashamed of myself for not being able to change a bulb I took it to our mechanic...
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    S3 is going soon - bought a A3 TDi Sport

    Which TDI is it Dicky? Remap on the cards? Kev.
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    average AVS mileage on your S3?

    My 1.8T is on AVS. Once serviced it always shows 9300. Then as I get a few miles done it slowly creeps up. I had the car serviced 2 weeks and 1000 miles ago, the AVS now reads 13000ish. I've never seen the AVS go down after a service, only up. I tend to get 19K between services. Kev.
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    Diesel to Petrol

    I know what you're saying mate, which is why I'll probably stay with the Audi. What attracted me to the ST was great performance, track days that would ruin the tyres and brakes, but not having to pay to replace them Kev.
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    Chipped/IHI S3 vs V8 S4 / S4 AMD Stage III Round Track...

    Great Vid. Just shows how a more nimble car can be hard to beat with power alone. Kev.
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    Diesel to Petrol

    Well I was looking at the Focus ST - until I saw the potential tax bill! Kev.
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    How much for my S3?

    Car looks lovely mate, shame I can't take it off your hands just at the moment Kev.
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    Diesel to Petrol

    If it's your money... 2. Kev.
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    Diesel to Petrol

    [ QUOTE ] The only reviews and opinions i had about the Alfa were from the internet and they all mostly said that they are good cars but running costs are very high.I take it you would advise me not to go to an Alfa then mate? [/ QUOTE ] Sorry to butt in, but I'm making a similar decision at...
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    New wheels

    Beautiful, sexy, gorgeous. BBS CHs just suit the S3, good choice Kev.
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    Sachs clutch

    Fasteddie has one... Kev.
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    [ QUOTE ] You could try breakers for a used one..or ebay like this for example.... ebay I cant see any disadvantage with a used one...its going to be resprayed anyway. [/ QUOTE ] Off topic... I know it's only a front view but from the airbag deployment and obvious rear damage, that looks like...
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    Checking Oil Levels / Consumption

    My 1.6 A3 never used a drop between services, my 1.8T A4 uses a very small amount between 20K mile services and my 2.0TDI ate oil in comparison, perhaps 2.5L per 10K miles. Kev.
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    more power?

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] It's been prooven that uprated exaust or upraded air filter will not improve performance. Neather cause restrictions on A3/S3's. A remap will by far be the best value for money to increase power. Any reason why you don't want a remap? [/ QUOTE ] whats all this about...
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    how much does your local dealer charge to carry out a diagnostic?

    Mine, nothing. But I am fairly well know in there. Kev.
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    Chrome Mirror Covers

    Try German eBay. I know Fasteddie has bought several OEM pairs and sold them on... Kev.