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  1. JamS3

    New pics of my facelift S3 lowered!!

    I know a few people have been asking so I thought I'd post some pics up of my new facelift which has just been lowered today on H + R springs with 10mm spacers at the rear and 15mm at the front. Having the larger spacer at the front really fills the arches out and makes it handle excellent with...
  2. JamS3

    Its Arrived!!!!

    As above, exactly 4 months from day of order my new facelfit S3 has arrived at the dealers! Been having a look today and it looks awesome in Sprint Blue, picking up tomorrow afternoon (should not have gone today and sat in it cause it want it now!). Getting it lowered on H + R's Thurs and...
  3. JamS3

    TT RS In Autocar!!

    Autocar has a feature on the TT RS with pics!! They say it is a test mule which is not really disguised when you look at the pics, a 2.5 Litre V5 Twin Turbo. Only the front looks drastically different to the TTS. 340bhp and wait for it..........40K!!! Me thinks if EVER a RS3 is made the...
  4. JamS3

    Video of New Gear Change DIS Function

    I know it has been mentioned before the new A/S3 facelift has a new function on the DIS where it prompts a gear change and the correct gear to be in at a certain speed. People wanted to see this in action (me too!) so I found this vid of a new S3 (facelift) which shows the function about...
  5. JamS3

    Now that the S3 has gone.....

    And I have a lovely Nissan Primera (SRI i'll have you know!) N plate with 97k on the clock until my new facelift S3 arrives 7 weeks on mon I have a few things that could go on offer.... S3 Flat bottom multi function steering wheel with airbag Brand new set (never used) of Eibach lowering...
  6. JamS3

    New Facelift S3 Brochure

    Just for anyone that is interested the new S3 brochure is out at the delaers to pick up from the 3rd week of this month. Just had that confirmed as the web site does not give anything away!
  7. JamS3

    Check This Car Out!

    One Day......
  8. JamS3

    More Facelift S3 Pics

    More pics for the up and coming S3 facelift, best pics I have seen to get a good look at it. Looks well good in my opinion and the LED lights don't look that bad in these pics, makes the front look more aggressive i think.
  9. JamS3

    Where have my thanks gone?

    My thanked posts seemed to have vanished on my counter on the right on my posts? Had about 60 or 70 but shows 2 now? Any ideas?
  10. JamS3

    Taken the plunge!

    Well had the S3 for about 14 months now and really love it, first new car I have ever bought so have decided to trade it in for the new facelifted version so I don't lose too much money on it and will try to do this each year to get a new car. So the order! Sprint Blue Bucket Seats Bose...
  11. JamS3

    RS4 Facelift?

    Just wondering if anyone could help me with a question.... Was there any facelift from the early 55-06 plates that came out to the newer 07 plate models? Either anything on the exterior or interior? Cheers
  12. JamS3

    Engine Noise and Clutch (S3)

    Is it normal for the engine noise to go slightly quieter heard from inside the car whist pressing the clutch pedal down? Iv'e noticed mine get slightly quieter when on tickover when I press the clutch pedal down then slightly louder when the pedal is brought back up, its like a slight rattle...
  13. JamS3

    S3 Service Time

    My first service is just around the corner at 11k and have contacted the dealers re the type of oil required as I'm getting a specialist to do it. I have rang round the dealers and get various results for the brand of oil used from Mobil 1 ESP 5w 30 to Castrol SLX 5w 30 Longlife 3?? They said...
  14. JamS3

    RNS-E and I Tunes

    Quick question for those in the know, will the RNS-E accept I Tunes songs purchased from the music store on the SD cards? I know MP3's are no problem but these ones purchased are protected AAC audio files? Just have loads and would not mind putting them on....
  15. JamS3

    Just Retrofitted Flat Bottom MFSW!!

    At last after it not being specced on my car and always looking at them and wishing I had one I took the plunge and bought a Flat Bottom wheel and airbag from german ebay off a 2007 TT S-Line. The wheel is identical to the S3 one, apart from the S3 badge at the bottom but thats sorted now...
  16. JamS3

    Free Audi Sport Eyesight Test!!!!

    For everyone involved in the below discussion i have provided a free eyesight test: So here it is, for all who cant distinguish between the two models the opticians are calling.....
  17. JamS3

    Want those nice LED running lights off a S6 on your S3 or A3?

    Have a look, knew it would not be too long before someone offered them!
  18. JamS3

    New Option for Audi S3 Exhaust

    I like!!!! Sounds quite throaty and has a nice burble! Shame no info whether custom or modified RS4 one etc.... Tried the website but its under construction...
  19. JamS3

    Calling all 2.0 TFSI and 1.9/2.0 Quattro Owners!

    I have a BRAND NEW set of Eibach springs to lower your car, front and back as I have been sent a wrong order and am stuck with them. See this post for a explanation of how I have them: All offers considered but am wanting shot of them as...
  20. JamS3

    Eibach S3 Springs

    Can anyone confirm Eibachs pro kit lowering springs are the same for the S3 as for the 2.0 TFSI A3? Reason I ask is that I have been eventually sent some to replace a damaged set off another car which I don't have and Eibach agreed to send my replacements for my current S3! The sticker on...