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    Electrical system fault just a day before we're going to holiday

    Taking the car on a holiday tomorrow and just out of the blue it had the dreaded electrical system fault popped up today, went away once restarted. How likely it's for it to strand us hundreds of miles away from home? The car is 35tfsi stronic, only 6 months old and done 5k miles. Never had...
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    What do you like about your A3 8Y?

    A lot of us had fair few issues with our 8Ys. Despite them I'm sure there are things we like about our 8Ys. So let's share what we like about it. For me: 1. The DSG gearbox is very smooth and almost imperceptible up/down shift in normal day to day drive. 2. Very flat cornering with very little...
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    95 vs. 98 RON Unleaded - How much difference does it make?

    Today just noticed that owner's manual 'recommends' use of 98 RON fuel. I've been running mine in 95RON from Tescos since I got it couple of months ago. Has anyone tried running it in both and noticed any significant difference to justify the higher expense? Is there any chance of long term...
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    MMI user fails to login

    Few days ago my Audi app stopped showing vehicle status and was showing status from few days ago. I reinstalled the app but no luck. I thought removing the my Audi user from MMI and adding it back in may solve the issue. However after deleting when I was trying to add it back, it kept showing...
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    Dashcam not running from usb

    Does any one run their dashcam from the usb port instead of the ciggy lighter port? The dashcam goes into data transfer mode whenever I plug it in to any of the usb ports. This same cam used to run on my Merc A class from USB but doesn't in A3.