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    DPF filter and the MOT smoke test

    All diesels made after 1st August 1979 are required to have a smoke test. With DPF the smoke meter should have an rpm device which connects to the battery or cigarette lighter which somehow works out the engine rpm. We use this system at work and never have problems with DPF cars though they are...
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    Nearly zero power since changing injector seals and timing belt

    Have the injectors been set up correctly when the seals were replaced? There a bit like tappets on old cars where they need to be set in a special way for them to be spot on. The injectors on these PD engines do actually feed back to the engine ECU so you can see things like injector duration...
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    Power assisted steering FAIL **HELP!!**

    With the engine running try turning lock to lock and holding the steering on full lock for about 3 seconds each side. Then drive forwards with the steering in the straight ahead position for about 20 seconds above 20mph.
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    2.0 tdi engine fault help PLEASE!!!!

    If it's running like this after the recall has been carried out I would take it back. Explain your not paying as it's only been like this since the recall. If they don't play ball just ask politely for the customer services number and call them. The VW group UK customer services team are pretty...