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  1. S1Newbie

    Mouse loose !!!

    At low speed I am getting a speaking from the clutch/brakes . I appreciate I only drive my beast at the weekend but don't think this is acceptable in a 3 month old car .Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. S1Newbie

    Where is everyone?!

    Much as I like the rarity of having a S1 I have only seen one other in the wild . So just thought I would ask where everyone is based? I am in Harpenden Hertfordshire I am toying with a trip to Goodwood on Sunday ? Has anyone been to their Sunday morning events?
  3. S1Newbie

    Running In ...

    I am just reading the latest Evo (207) they are using an S1 in their fast fleet.Total mileage for the vehicle is 1428. "Now it's fully run-in I can work beyond the mid range and let the engine run out to the limiter.I am doing this as much as possible as I'm a strong believer that a regularly...
  4. S1Newbie

    Delivery date confirmed !

    Just received from the lease company Audi "Its confirmed week 10 for delivery week comm 23rd March." So what to do in the meantime..... I guess get some insurance and some car shampoo :)