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  1. Sug

    For Sale Genuine gloss black/polished rotars 19x112 ET 48

    As title says they are for sale in great used condition. With only a couple of little scuffs and one wheel has a small section of the polished rim flaked off. Removed from my RS3 8V which is now sold. collection from Co Durham £600...
  2. Sug

    Front number plate surround

    Can someone give a quick run through on how to remove the front plastic number plate surround on my PFL RS3. Can it be be removed without removing bumper or is it a bumper off job?
  3. Sug

    Pan roof windshield/mesh

    Does anyone know if you can replace the thin mesh that acts as a wind deflector once roof is open? I’ve got a small hole in mine which is right in the middle and annoying me.
  4. Sug

    Autec Wizard

    Has anyone tried the above wheels, or Autec wheels in general? Pretty light over stock at 9.5kg and not badly priced. Any thoughts/pics?
  5. Sug

    Revo Wheels

    Just about to order the Revo rvo19’s in gloss black but now I’m thinking maybe Matt anthracite could be a better colour? Car is a PFL RS3 in sepang blue with black pack and black rotars. I was then thinking anthracite to match the carbon fibre mirrors. Anyone gone for the revo wheels in...
  6. Sug

    Bike carrier

    Can somebody point me in the right direction as to where I can get my hands on a quality bike carrier? I would prefer to carry two bikes if needed. I have looked at the seasucker mini bomber 2 but not sure if this would be suitable as I have pan roof. If anyone with pan roof has a bike...
  7. Sug

    Oil inspection service

    Inspection service is due in 2300 miles / 30 days and next oil change in 5500/84 days. I will be lucky to do 2300 miles before feb. I never had these separate intervals with the S3 do I have to stick to the 30 days and 80 days to keep the service records in check? What is involved in the...
  8. Sug

    Quick link

    Can somebody post a quick link to the oem rear discs and pads for S3 2014 please Tia
  9. Sug

    Xenon headlight bulb

    Can someone link me to the correct oem replacement xenon main beam headlight bulb please S3 2014 if that helps
  10. Sug

    Headlight issue

    Has anyone had a similar fault with there car? Whilst driving today it started to get a little dark so flicked the lights on to main beam only for a fault to show on dash, left dipped/main beam. Stopped car and sure enough left main beam was out. Nothing major I thought just a new bulb required...
  11. Sug

    MMI tech pack sound loss

    Has anyone had any issues with loss of sound on the MMI+ ? I have the tech pack with standard speakers and have lost all sound. Unit itself works fine on all modes but there is no sound. Went off a few days ago and then came back on a few times when starting ignition but now it seems to not want...
  12. Sug

    Stage 1 Performance

    Had stage 1 software on my S3 now for a couple of months and was hoping one of you guys have timed your car doing 0-60 and 0-100. Or even better with a Unicorn stage 1 map installed? If not any ideas what I should be hoping for? 370bhp 400lbs.
  13. Sug

    Service extras

    My S3 is due a minor service in a few weeks as it has done 30k. Am I right in thinking the quatro/haldex oil and filter needs to be changed and whilst it's there also ask them to renew the brake fluid? Whilst I'm on the S-tronic oil/filter should be changed every 40k? Chris
  14. Sug

    Oil temp between 60-80?

    As above once car running oil temp reading up and down between 80 and 60 degrees any ideas guys? Ps no fault codes
  15. Sug

    Engine light on

    Engine light pinged up today whilst driving, drove as normal and the only thing I noticed was oil temp was only 58 degrees. When I got home my next door neighbour scanned car and only code that came up was coolant sensor. Coolant still on max and oil level fine. Neighbour noticed a little...
  16. Sug

    Lowering springs

    Am I correct in thinking that 28810-1 is the correct part No for the latest range of H+R lowering springs (25mm lower) As I would like to order some now for my S3? Where is best to buy preferably from the UK. Thanks in advance
  17. Sug

    Interior lights

    Don't want to sound thick and I've clearly knocked a button or switch. Once in car and set off driving my interior lights front and rear no longer go out unless I push the button on each. Help us out guys?
  18. Sug

    North East REVO dealer??

    I can't seem to get the Revo dealer locator working on my iPad/phone can anyone inform me of the closest dealer to Co Durham. It used to be PDT/Sedox/performance centre sunderland but not sure if they have been struck off the revo register.