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    A crap year gets worse

    Well after our car accident in January, the tumbleweed in the job market and flooding the house I thought things were looking up with a new job starting today and the other driver from our crash being charged with careless driving. Well I was wrong. Yesterday, my wife came off the road on her...
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    Replacing car. Petrol or diesel?

    I'm in the process of looking for a replacement for our wrecked B6. Ours was a 1.9 130 and we averaged around 40mpg doing around 11k a year on mostly short (<10 mile) journeys. I've been looking at Quattros in both 2.0TDI and 2.0TFSI flavours. Based on my past experience with 2.0TDI Q I may...
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    Anyone owned this car?

    I'm looking at a Dolphin Grey B7 Avant 2.0TDI 170 Quattro with the reg VO57 XBT. It's up for a tenner under £20k which is about 2k over Parkers top book. Just wondering if anyone on here owned it and if it had any issues. TIA Dave
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    Retrofit costs?

    Hi folks My insurance co. have come back with an offer for our car of just over £10k. The book valuation for our 2004 1.9 130 Sport saloon was £9500 so they've added on almost £700 to cover the £4k of options we had. I think it would be nigh on impossible to find another car of the same...
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    B8 test drives

    Had a couple of test drives yesterday as we're considering a new B8 to replace our written-off B6. The cars were 2.0TDI 143 S-line saloon and 2.0TDI 170 Quattro S-line Avant. Both cars had a few extras including the 19" wheels with 255 tyres. Initial impressions are quite good (offset...
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    Who leases a car?

    In order to replace our written off A4 we're considering leasing. We had lots of options on our car and know we'll have difficulty finding a used replacement with half what we had so we're now looking at new but don't want to have to stump up a big wedge of cash. I've done some searches...
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    Thank you Audi.

    For building a strong car and Britax for their ISOFIX car seats. This is what was left of ours after we were pushed off the road by a car we were overtaking. We were doing about 60 at the time. We hit a roadsign that flipped us at least once resulting in us landing back on the road. I think...
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    Farthest driven with 0 miles remaining?

    Coming back from Inverness today, my car clicked down to 0 miles left after 583.5 miles. I carried onto the next petrol station only to find it closed so I continued and filled up at 596.8 miles (a pretty poor 41.2 average for the tank). The car took 65.8 litres of diesel (FWD 1.9 130) so...
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    Stiff steering?

    The steering on our 1.9 PD 130 Sport has been intermittently stiff recently. It seems to take more effort to turn and there seems to be more resistance when in the turn. Tracking has been checked and adjusted within spec. Power steering fluid level is OK. No unusual noises coming from the...
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    Strange sound from 1.9TDI 130

    Hi folks I've noticed an odd sound coming from my 1.9PD 130. Difficult to describe but if I blip the throttle at a standstill it sounds like a sucking sort of sound from around the rear of the engine bay on the driver's side. Performance seems the same and I've got not warning lights...
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    Puncture problems - Grrr!

    Came out of the house this morning to find the offside front flat. I'd had a few understeer slides yesterday but thought it was due to the heavy rain and low tread on the fronts but obviously it was more serious! Anyway, it would be a 10 minute job to change the tyre if the heavy handed...
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    How many bulbs have you replaced?

    I've now had to replace the following in 36k and less than 4 years on our 2004 A4 Sidelight 2 x tail light rear indicator At least with DIS I know immediately when a bulb has gone. In the 3 and a half years and 54k in our Bora I didn't have a single bulb blow despite doing far more...
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    Lifetime of parking sensors?

    Anyone know if parking sensors have a known lifetime? We've got front and rear sensors on our A4 and one of the fronts went bad after just 3.5 years. I bought two replacements and will be getting the faulty one replaced soon but I have a feeling that another may have gone bad. I guess the...
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    I'm surprised no one has commented on the price of the B8 models. It looks like there's a substantial hike (>10%) for most of the models compared with the B7. Given that dealers won't be offering much in the way of discount that makes the new A4 a significantly more expensive car than its...
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    Good place to buy a battery?

    Hi folks Looks like the battery on our TDI 130 is going to give up soon. The car is doing quite a few short journeys now and with winter around the corner I doubt it'll last. I've been shopping around and to get a decent battery I think I'll need to be spending about £100. Been looking at...
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    Clutch foot rest

    Can someone post a pic of the screw that holds on the clutch foot rest? If you could measure the length that would be handy too. Mine has dissappeared and the footrest decided to come loose last night which was interesting as it decided that stopping me from using the clutch was a good idea...
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    Spoke to Audi customer services yesterday regarding using bio in our PD130 Sport. No problem they said. Anything up to 100% bio is fine. Just change the fuel filter after 250-300 miles. They did say that DPF equipped cars can't use it. So the current crop of DPF equipped diesels coming...
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    Retrofit B7 boot opening to a B6?

    All in the title, anyone know if this is possible? It'd be a lot handier than the stupid feature on the B6 where the boot just pops but doesn't open completely.
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    Audi R8

    Saw one in the flesh for the first time yesterday at Aberdeen Audi. I must say that it doesn't do much for me. The side view is hideous with that great big lump of carbon fibre behind the door Is it just me???
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    Resetting DIS

    Quick question. After 2.5 years of ownership the whole process of resetting DIS at every fill up is beginning to wind me up. On our Bora you held the reset button for a couple of seconds and it reset all the recorded data for whichever DIS memory you happened to be on. On the A4 I have to...