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  1. crypric23

    As requested. 2xSMD 36mm Canbus Festoon High Power LED Bulb Hope you well. Merry Xmas !

    As requested. 2xSMD 36mm Canbus Festoon High Power LED Bulb Hope you well. Merry Xmas !
  2. crypric23

    Audi S3 Bucket Seats 8P

    Pm sent !
  3. crypric23

    S3 Mirror Covers.....I've an S3....without S3 mirror covers !

    One thing that i always find amazing, is that there are still people selling them on eBay.. but when you look at there history they generally never sell any other car parts. Yet they happen to come across a set of S3 mirrors , strange that. Let's face it all S3 mirrors on ebay unless from a...
  4. crypric23

    S3 IBIS , what do you think it is worth ?

    No chance they will get that, not today. Last year i bought a brand new 59 plate S3 sportback... canceled order or so they said ,and i got 11% off from a main dealer, came with close to your spec bar the buckets. That was brand spanking new. Part ex is a different game as it depends on the...
  5. crypric23

    S3 IBIS , what do you think it is worth ?

    Rule of thumb is 1/2 the purchase price at 3 year old point , yes its not 3 years yet but 25k is way off, there are many S3 o8 plates with under 20k on them for 19k. Granted no buckets , but surprising some normal bod would prefer them with out buckets. If it was me i would sell the buckets (or...
  6. crypric23

    Stolen Wing Mirrors.

    Over and over again.
  7. crypric23

    Tips please! Audi virgin

    Get the s-line , its nicer looking !
  8. crypric23


    This thread , i never saw your original request for help , yes the bulb in question is PS 19 W , but i have always know it as H16 , if you google that there are a few suppliers ,here is a bulb a friend has used
  9. crypric23

    My 2011 red s3 sportback pics!!!

    Ahhhhhhhh another sportback without roof rails , for me sportback must have roof rails , although i do kind off like the red !
  10. crypric23

    Our new A3 in white s line chrome or black grill

    100% black grill on white , not a fan of the silver surround on any light coloured car. Leave the fog surrounds though , IMO the black ones on the black styling pack look a bit cheap. If it was me then i would of gone for black roof rails on a white sportback as well.. Silver pack ( rails...
  11. crypric23

    IPhone 4

    I have paired my Iphone 4 to a mates S3 and no issues,and in my Q5 AMI it also works , one thing that is different is that on my old 3GS iphone ,when it rang you would get the selected ringtone from the actual iphone (say it was in your pocket ) but you would get the AMI telephone ring tone...
  12. crypric23

    S3 Gone - My New Economical Family Car

    Martin you are worse than me , how long did you have the last S3 for ?
  13. crypric23

    Fancy a wheel colour change - BBS CK in Black to match theme

    Hey Matt, Hope your well. Long time ! I thought i was the indecisive one! I think they look good as they are , sure you are not just getting bored and looking for a mod ! That said black could look really nice,personally i think keep it as it is far classier. As soon as Audi pull...
  14. crypric23

    ASN members needed

    Sorry do not like it at all , i thought it was temporary .. But if this is now the resident theme , i have to say NO
  15. crypric23

    Help with head unit removal....

    £490 wow. At least you should be getting a rns for around £300 now days as they are really dated, i sold one last week for £290 ( black dials though ) saying that the chrome one can go as far back as 5 years.
  16. crypric23

    8P S3 Buckets

    £2500 for S3 buckets including door cards and back seats.
  17. crypric23

    Help with head unit removal....

    i would suggest going to halfords and buying various different removal keys then ( for different cars ) , just getting ones that will stay in enough to pull it out. As if its broken just get it out from the front , as you have little hope of getting it out from behind , + its never a good move...
  18. crypric23

    Help with head unit removal....

    What the hell is that head unit ? Dumb question but have you tried when pulling on the release keys pushing them slightly outwards when you pull? Ie : The keys on the top & bottom left , pull out while pushing the keys towards the left door , and vica versa on the right side keys, pull out...