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    Random useless moment question, Anyone else here listen to Kerrang Radio? I can't seem to get it in the A6's DAB, while our Skoda picks it up fine, apart from "change your taste in music" lol, any thoughts? Cheers
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    So we're having some of the hottest weather of the year... Perfect time to buy winter wheels lol
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    A6 Avant C7 Bi T Tyres

    any recommendations out there on the bad boy 20" rim. Been offered Pirelli P zeros for £176 a corner fitted and Conti's for £210, both Audi Fitment (If it makes any diff lol) Looking around, tempted by the Toyo Proxis, or even Uniroyals, Tyre leader seem to be the best place for price but...
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    Number plates - shocked

    New plates needed on the A6 so toddled off to halfords for a quote then Local Audi dealership for comparison..... Audi are £10 cheaper that halfords!! I'm still shocked, but well done Audi, even got a load of sticky pads thrown in too, and the best bit, not having halfords on the bottom off the...
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    Picked up my A6 BE :-)))

    So finally joined the A6 side of the forum, After a long drive to pick it up from Manchester thanks to M6 traffic grrr Loving it, gawd this thing growls in. Dynamic mode!!! It's taken a while to find a Bi turbo with the toys I wanted - adaptive cruise mainly Managed to have a good play with that...
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    S3 going...sniff

    Just a quick thanks to all on this board, I've owned my s3 for 3.5 years and it's been some serious fun and this forum has made it all the better :-) Just put a deposit on an A6 bi turbo avant black edition, a bit of a barge compared with the s3 but expanding family I needed more space, this...
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    Audi Finance

    Apologies if in the wrong but can't find an ideal place, Looking at getting a used Audi on finance and just seen the APR on the main website and laughed my head off! 12.5!! Is this typical or have people's managed to get that down on used? When I've used finance in the past I've only ever done...
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    Oh ******...

    Revealed: the UK's 10 most stolen cars - BBC Top Gear
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    Fill me up..

    Anyone on here want to own up lol
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    RS5 with a Lambo engine

    Anyones pride and joy on here? :-/BBC News - Caught on camera: Police chase 180mph driver or has the BBC got it wrong? Assume it's an RS6 lump mounted into an RS5 (Why???) sounds seriously fast too, i think I could hear it above the sound of the helicoper!
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    a warning to A3 owners!

    If I thought my day couln't of got any worse (A&E with my little guy), the S3 got broken into last night, lost my work laptop from the boot and the Road angle but the RNSE is still there, The is, not a mark on it, the thiefing scumbags managed to get round the alarm system and pop the doors, is...
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    Birmingham Audi - Service

    Instead of complaints thought I'd say what a pleasure it was dealing with the service team. S3 was in for Brake fluid change, Haldex and filter, and DSG oil change + first MOT I had some quotes from a few independents but Audi were only a fraction more and next door to work:salute:
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    Rotors or standard s3 wheels

    Ok I've just put my winters on my BE, I'd forgot ton how much I (whispers) prefer them to my rotors! I don't know it's because the silver on the rotors just didn't match anything on the car or what lol
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    S4 Exhaust Valve

    Any S4 owners removed the vac pipe and tied it open? Is it worth it and does it sound any better? it's certainty a larger pipe on the flap
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    can I just say...

    I love my V8:wub:
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    Audi TT wheels on a b6

    Oki not sure if anyone has done this but I've still got my set of Audi TT winters in the bags in the garage I was thinking of selling but thought I might give them a go on the B6 first. They're 18X9's with 245 40 tyres on (I know ****** wide) with an ET52 offset so I think i'm going to need 20mm...
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    Alternator belt change B6 S4....

    Well my plans to get to GTi International Sat changed thanks to a squealing belt. Decided the best course of action was to change it and the tensioner, as it was last min had to get tensioner from Audi (£98) and the belt from a factor (£10.98) I didn't realise it was a front end off job!!! all...
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    Ski hatch lol

    There was me thinking its a usefull opening into the boot for long items.....not an integrated ski bag lol Anyone else got one, or used it?
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    Any S4 owners about?

    I've tried a search before I get told to use the search lol wanting to pop my V8 cherry therefore looking at buying my first B6 S4 (ok i'm looking at B7's as well on the other forumn but prefer the look..and price of the B6) Anything to look out for apart from servicing, as mileages seem to be...
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    Oki Convince me...

    I've pursuaded the misses we need a V8 in our lives as the practical car and loving the look of a B7 S4 and prices are keen. Plan is to still keep the S3 for her to use and me sometimes as love it but we need a bigger boot with Sprog. People of the forumn convince me to do it!!