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  1. cuke2u

    Engine cutting and coasting even with Stop/Start disabled?!

    With the configurable individual mode, that allows you to set different modes for the engine, gearbox, steering and suspension, if you've adaptive, is it possible just to place just the gearbox in sport mode and that disables start stop and coasting?
  2. cuke2u

    Engine cutting and coasting even with Stop/Start disabled?!

    Maybe that's what I was seeing, as I've no longer got the A4 I can't test it..
  3. cuke2u

    Engine cutting and coasting even with Stop/Start disabled?!

    My 2017 A4 was also a mild hybrid and turned off the engine when coasting. You can also instigate coasting with a gear paddle. Not sure but I don't think it was part of the start stop system but I am sure both are off in sports mode...
  4. cuke2u

    What petrol/diesel type (brand) and RON do you normally put in your A3s?

    Funnily enough E10 fuel came in around the same time the days were getting shorter and the temperatures cooler. So it remains to be seen whether there is much of a mpg penalty. Can't say there's been much of a difference with our 1.0 fiesta and it is still averaging 38.8 urban...
  5. cuke2u

    72k and 4.5 years with my S4 B9, just about to order an S3

    Pre-owned prices though are ridiculous at the moment. I see older versions of my car with higher mileage being advertised for £3k higher than I paid for mine new.
  6. cuke2u

    72k and 4.5 years with my S4 B9, just about to order an S3

    Good luck I wish you well with your choice. As you probably are aware I sold my A4 in the spring and purchased a BMW 2 Series M235i GC, the direct competitor to the S3. I looked at other Audi's, specifically A/S3's, but I just couldn't live with that dash. I find the interior of the BMW almost...
  7. cuke2u

    Real World Mpg of A3 8Y

    I get more than that from my M235i GC in urban conditions, but then I also drive a 1.0l fiesta over the same journey and obtain an average of 41mpg...
  8. cuke2u

    Am I weird or do you all do it ?

    I always try to seek and obtain manuals before I actually own a car, then read them thoroughly several times before I collect.
  9. cuke2u

    Auto-handbrake in Park?

    Has been a topic almost since the B9 first came out..
  10. cuke2u

    Recommend Screenwash

    Works for me with chrome..
  11. cuke2u

    Recommend Screenwash

    Cannot go wrong with this
  12. cuke2u

    End of Warranty Check - common warranty claims

    I kept my A4 2.0ltfsi beyond the normal warranty period. One thing I had done under the extended warranty was the brake servo sensor, common issue if the car isn't used for any length of time. The other thing I would have claimed for was the rear suspension mount as it was an advisory under the...
  13. cuke2u

    Hilarious Fake Exhaust Trims on 8Y :-)

    This is correct, the exhaust valve opens immediately on startup then will close again until the engine is warm and only in sport mode. You still get subdued popping though, at least mine does and a current S3 commented upon this. As for the S4, the current one is a diesel and the only place for...
  14. cuke2u

    Intake upgrade

    You'll only likely to get more noise with forced induction engines. Spend your hard earned dosh on a remap or a tuning box..
  15. cuke2u

    2020 A4 - Turning of "South Africa Mode" single door unlock?

    I think most cars do have this
  16. cuke2u

    Audi Connect has expired. Renewal question

    Goalposts have moved since I last had my A4 so I don't know, sorry. All I have is what's in the manual and here
  17. cuke2u

    Considering a brand new S3 saloon...questions!

    Not in the UK...
  18. cuke2u

    Washing car over two days

    There are neutral shampoos you can purchase that are less aggressive then top up the wax with a coating such as wet wax or done and dusted...
  19. cuke2u

    Audi Connect has expired. Renewal question

    As far as I understand if you have a data sim card it can be used for connect..