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  1. maxpayne

    Worx Hydroshot WG630E (brushless motor version)

    I live in an apartment. While in theory I could run a hose and cable to my car for a pressure washer, it’s just too taxing to be practical on a regular basis. After watching a few videos on YouTube and reading a few reviews, I decided to take a chance on the Worx cordless pressure washer. To...
  2. maxpayne

    For Sale New Audi A3 8V front and rear mudflap set

    See Open to offers from forum members.
  3. maxpayne

    Detailing stater kit recommendation please

    Hi There, I’d appreciate some advice on a starter detailing kit. Currently I have our cars, an Audi A3 Sportback and a BMW E30, detailed professionally (especially the latter) which as you can guess adds up to a lot of $$$. I’m constrained by the fact that I live in an apartment and the best...
  4. maxpayne

    For Sale Audi A3 8V LED footwell light retrofit

    As the subject says. Complete kit with wiring and lights. Plenty of instruction on the forum on how to fit. Selling as I’ve little time to do any car work these days. Asking what I paid for, which is £32. Free postage to mainland UK.
  5. maxpayne

    Aluminium pedal and footrest covers?

    Is there a complete RHD kit for the A3 (PFL 8v)? Seems that the pedals are easy to find but I can’t seem to see a genuine OE footrest. Found these on Ali. Not sure what the quality is like though. Thanks. P.S. My first post as an 8V owner. Previously an 8P...
  6. maxpayne

    Help: connector part no.

    Hi Everyone, Looks like the rear outer left (passenger side) tail light adapter on my 2005 A3 Sportback needs replacing as it’s very corroded (see photo). As a result the left outer tail light (I have the 2012 updated LEDs fitted via adapters, which are fine with no corrosion). Would love...
  7. maxpayne

    Is this normal or the DSG on its way out!

    Hello Everyone, Here’s a short video of switching between multiple gears while the car was stationary on our 2005 2.0T on 81k miles. DSG oil changed by Audi on schedule twice already. Shouldn’t it be changing the gears without any noise? Or am I being paranoid?
  8. maxpayne

    DSG whine?

    Hi All, It seems that our 2005 2.0T makes a bit of a sound while driving in low revs. All goes away when the gears pick up to 3rd or more. Back again when going down to a lower gear. The sound can only be described as a low whine. The car is on 80k miles. DSG oil/filter changed on the car as...
  9. maxpayne

    Auto dimming mirror compatibility

    Hi All, I have the opportunity to buy an auto dimming , part no 8R0857511B 4PK (soul black) at a good price. This version looks like the Audi TT one, more curvy around the edges. However looking up sites like oemepc, looks like it’s compatible with A4 and onwards only? However, 8R0857511A...
  10. maxpayne

    Side window glass replacement

    Hi Everyone, One of the side window of our car is badly scratched and I wanted to know how much would replacement cost? I’d like to just source the glass and fit it myself as I’ve taken off the door cards/regulator before so I think I’ll be fine. Does anyone know where to get the glass...
  11. maxpayne

    How do I replace climate control unit buttons?

    Hi, As you’ll all know, the buttons on the climate control unit (especially the minus button on PFL as there’s no off like FL) is prone to fading/scratching. I recently acquired a donor CC in very good condition for peanuts and wanted to extract some of the buttons from that unit to the one I...
  12. maxpayne

    Reversing camera options

    Hello Everyone, Hopefully I'm doing a double DIN conversion very soon (courtesy of @NHN ) and fitting a CarPlay unit. I was wondering now that there's more up to date setup, there's no reason why I shouldn't fit a reversing camera also :) When it comes to the kits available, there are...
  13. maxpayne

    Thermostat bust?

    Howdy, While on a drive back from Birmingham to London over the weekend, I noticed that the oil temperature gauge was stuck at around 72 degrees. But switched to 90 soon after hitting London and A1. Typically it’s bang on 90 when I drive in London for trips to Tesco which is what the car mostly...
  14. maxpayne

    Diversity antenna DAB options

    Hi All, I’ve just got a Pioneer CarPlay head unit (SPH-DA130DAB) and thinking of options for receiving DAB radio. Currently I have a Concert II single DIN set up (I have to do a double DIN conversion, but that’s a separate topic). Looking at the back of the Concert unit, I can see that it...
  15. maxpayne

    Anyone fitted the Connects2 wireless charging pad?

    I recently came across CTQIAU01, a wireless charging pad from Connects. See It looks like it’s replaces ashtray delete and tucks neatly under the climate control unit, but I couldn’t find any additional information about fitting online...
  16. maxpayne

    The new Mazda 3

    Stunning IMO.
  17. maxpayne

    Noisy rear wiper motor

    I replaced the almost failing rear wiper motor (it would just intermittently work towards the end) in our A3 yesterday with a brand new one, and rather disappointingly the new one makes the same annoying noise as the old one and can be clearly heard even from the driver’s seat. I’ve attached a...
  18. maxpayne

    Can this be done?

    Hi, Having just sold parts for double DIN conversion (that I had gathering dust), and immediately regretting the move (after spotting a good deal on a flagship Pioneer CarPlay SatNav unit) I'm thinking of ordering the parts again for a DD conversion (no pun intended haha). When I researched...
  19. maxpayne

    New fault! 012691 - Intake Manifold Runner Control

    Hi All, Seems that our A3 2.0T has developed two new faults since it's last scan during service. These are: 012691 - Intake Manifold Runner Control P3193 - 002 - Open Stop outside of Valid Range - Intermittent Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00100010...
  20. maxpayne

    Tacky or not?

    Both the mirror covers of our 2005 A3 is somewhat scratched up, thanks to Deliveroo drivers and in one instance an old git who just casually hit the mirror and didn’t bother to even stop while I sat with our toddler in the car waiting for my wife to pick up something. Welcome to London...