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    DTUK pedal box in pristine 6 months use on an 1800 mile car, fits 2020 on S4/5/6 SQ5 347 ps. Cost £200 . £140 07789931757 Boxed as new.
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    For Sale Rear Brake discs/pads

    Brand new rear brake rotors and pads surpass OEM specs, Q5 /A6 2.0 tdi 2013. £90. 07789931757
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    For Sale Kufatec active sound Booster

    Sound Booster with power start for SQ5/A6/7 Bitdi 8R engine 3.o Bitdi 2013/17. £150 07789931757
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    Q2 Q2 1.5 Tfsi engine

    Have any Q2 owners with the new 1.5 tfsi engine experienced the kangaroo syndrome when setting off in first gear from cold? All the other cars in the vag group with this engine are suffering badly with this, VW T-ROC 1.5 tsi evo, Seat Arona, Skoda Karoq. VAG have been notified but seem to be...
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    SQ5 SQ5 TDI tuning box

    Thinking of maybe giving my SQ5 a bit of a lift, anyone fitted a tuning box, are they detectable in the main squealers?Any recommendations?
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    Q3 map

    Waiting on arrival of Q3 177tdi quattro man, with comfort pack,19'' wheels ,privacy,pan roof audi sound,sat nag in glacier, looking at a remap after run in, Which way to go, ecu map or box of tricks??
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    Q3 wheels upgrade

    About to pull thectrigger on a Q3 2.0 TDI Quattro S line manual, are there any issues regarding handling/ride if I upgraded to 19" wheels over the standard S line fit?
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    A5 remap?

    Just purchased a 2011 A5 2-0 tdi 170 s-line special edition in arctic, just wondering the best options for a remap, I had my last A4 143 teased by CNL remapping and had no problems, Just wondering if anyone has had a remap done , by whom and are you pleased with the results in performance and...
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    I-phone car prep

    Since I upgraded my I-phone 3GS with the new I-phone 4 software, it now does not connect in my B8 A4, (high prep) anyone had this and sorted it?????:crying:
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    I phone 3GS

    My B8 a4 is "high" phone prepped and I just bought a cradle for my I-phone ,thing is can't get it to work in the cradle ,works fine off it thru normal bluetooth connection, am I missing something?:think:
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    Spider tuning box?

    I intend having my B8 2.0 tdi 143ps s-line remapped but not sure who's to plump for,this one looks quite impressive. Anyone have any experience of this product? Thanks in anticipation.
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    A3 sportback

    Hey up you lot! looks likely that I'll be moving back to a Noo A4 TDI s-line soon, I was wondering what my A3 was worth selling privvy? It is as follows, 2006 (56)A3 SPORTBACK 170 S-LINE QUATTRO, MISANO RED,XENONS, LIGHT/RAIN SENSOR, MFSW, I-POD CONN. CENTRE FRONT ARM REST,AMBIENT LIGHT PACK...