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  1. keendean

    New purchase-Advice, and price on a private deal

    Hi, I am looking at buying a car privately, which is 2016, 25,k miles, and was 51k new. I was after a Nardo grey with a pan roof. I am looking at buying the car outright and keeping 2 years minimum. Most traders will be after this car for stock, what is this car worth trade? I want to limit the...
  2. keendean

    New Owner Audi TTS- Definite Option List and DSG Question

    Hey, I've been away for a bit since selling Audi S3 Sportback, I bought a Champ White Civic 09 plate for a bit. I've just put a deposit down today on a late 09 plate TTS Roadster with DSG, 19's. I've been looking for one, and wondered if there was a definite optional extras list? Mine, has a...
  3. keendean

    Spacers off of eBay- Opinions?

    Hi, I'm looking for spacers for my S3. Has anyone experience of this company? NUTS & BOLTS UK Reasonable, thousands sold... Thoughts? Let the flaming begin ;) Would 24mm on the front be too much? I notice 20mm is the norm...
  4. keendean

    Alloys- price?

    I'm trying to justify new alloys. I've a 2009 S3, what are my alloys worth? They need a refurb, which I can have done. Tyres are mid budgets all round. Trying to find a rough price, I've tried eBay and prices vary massively. Tia
  5. keendean

    Revo Intake S3-Where can you buy the heat shield from?Do you need one?

    I've removed my Twintake, and fitted a Revo intake, it does not come with the heat shield that bolts over where the turbo is. I read somewhere you can buy these on ebay? Why don't Revo include one, does it not make a difference? Tia :)
  6. keendean

    Pic Request-White SB with 18 BBS CH-R-Pricing?

    I was thinking 18" Rotors and H&R spacers and H&R springs, I'm thinking black CH-R's. Or are these a little old Skool now? ****** expensive, and will take awhile to save for. Rotors are £800 a set no tyres, BBS are £1300! Where is the best place to source Bbs alloys? Thanks
  7. keendean

    What size spacers are on this S3?

    Used 2010 Audi S3 S3 SPORTBACK TFSI QUATTRO BLACK EDITION for sale in Coventry | Pistonheads I've never thought spacers on a S3 would look Ok, I'm wrong. I'm staying on 18s, and fitting H&r's, and my car is SB too. What do people think what size spacers are fitted front and rear? :)
  8. keendean

    White S3 Sportback- Rear Rs3 diffuser-chrome or not?

    I've a white sportsback, with panam roof, Matt black roof rails. I'm going the rs3 route rear diffuser. On eBay, there is a chromed lipped one, I was going to go black, as my car mimics a black edition. I also blame Muzza for my spending spree, as his car is envious :) So gloss black or...
  9. keendean

    Best Dv? S3....Definitive? ;)

    I'm going stage 1 at one point on my S3? Oem, what is the latest rev, part number and price? I'm guessing the oem part has a rev model on it too? I had forge only my Mk V gti Stage2+, seemed ok, no notice increase, but worked I guess. Seen mixed reviews on Gfb+ too. I've a Cai too (forge...
  10. keendean

    H&R on Standard shocks or Eibach? S3

    Has anyone run both of the above on their S3? I want the lower look, but I don't want to ruin the ride. When I have money, I'll go down the B8 route. I'll be sticking with the 18's to keep some comlpiancy. I'm leaning towards the H&R's, as they are similar in price for me, but if the Eibachs...
  11. keendean

    Painting advice?

    I'm looking to paint my front lower spolier myself, and if it goes well the two rear B pillars in gloss black also. I've found a few decent sites, on how to apply the paint, but it's more the materials side I need advice on. I want a lovely gloss black finish. So I need- Primer...
  12. keendean

    S3 front lower splitter-Black Edition

    Has anyone tried gloss painting this them selves? How much does the actual new part cost from the black edition? Tia , Dean
  13. keendean

    Rear number plate- How many SMD?

    I'd like rear led number plate lights. Which ones are error free? Also, I don't want ones like my mates, there light up the night, far too bright. What SMD would be ok, for a suitable luminance ? 18? My car is an 09 sportback, I don't want to chav it up, but funnily enough I'm missing a...
  14. keendean

    Forge Twin take fitting guide-S3?

    I don't have any instructions, I have everything removed, I just need to fit the forge kit now. I have the back pipe on to the turbo, there is a piece of metal that fits in the right hand corner, it sits very close to the head light wiring. Can someone enlighten me, as to where it fits? I have...
  15. keendean

    Pic request- S3 sports back with 18" Eibach or H&R

    I'm most likely to go down the Eibach front route only, but I can purchase a set of H&R springs for the same price. I want to retain the oem look and feel, and keep it subtle. I'll keep with 18s, and purchase Rotors at one point. Ideally looking for a pic with the front eibachs changed. I'm...
  16. keendean

    S3 2009 Fuel filter part number wanted

    As title...Best place to source TPS? Cheers
  17. keendean

    Which map is a custom map?

    I'm going for an induction and the pre cat delete on my S3. Which map will be able to take advantage of these mods? I'm presuming a Revo Stage 1 is just generic? So what are my options? Tia
  18. keendean

    Wanted- Pic of S3 Sportsback & Eibach fronts on 18"s

    As title, I've a 2009 sports back in Ibis white, with the 2009 18" alloys. Where is the cheapest place to source them too? Thanks
  19. keendean

    Coming home lights-2009 Facelift S3 with DRL's & NO Auto lights

    Well, I followed the coding within the FAQ, but can only assume this is for a pre facelift? When the DRL's were on, the Xenons were on at the same time, put the coding back, all back to as was. Do I need the repair wire? Has only got the coming home lights working with DRL's? Are you...
  20. keendean

    Ibis White-First pass-Decomm stage-Which order?

    Hey, I've Autosmart Tardis & Iron X, which one first? I'm presuming give it a wash after using these products too? Tomorrow it's going to be clayed and polished (fingers crossed on the weather) Thanks