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  1. SL11CKK

    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    They seem to be ok. There will most likely be creases, but as long as there isn’t any splits then its all good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. SL11CKK

    Pd engine

    You can always go for the Seat Exeo as its pretty much the same car except has the common rail engine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. SL11CKK

    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Boy do I miss my B6! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. SL11CKK

    N/s front knocking. Not arms!

    What happens if you go over these hump but pressing the brakes ever so slightly?
  5. SL11CKK

    N/s front knocking. Not arms!

    Check to see if your engine/gearbox mounts are in good condition or perhaps your brakepads moving within the caliper. Ive had similar however on the driver side and turned out to be the engine mount. For me it couldn't be replicated on the mot ramp so they took it on the bumpy road and saw the...
  6. SL11CKK

    Heat shield location?

    Post the part number of the part and should be able to tell you where it goes.
  7. SL11CKK

    Retrofitting Valeo HID Xenons to H7 Headlight

    Mine is also going strong. Not a single problem since putting it on. As for the supply cable as Woorlord suggested pick up from Audi/TPS.
  8. SL11CKK

    My A4 B6 Convertible to RS4 B7 Convertible conversion.

    I wish I could do all that to my avant. Just don't have the balls to do that.
  9. SL11CKK

    upper control arm loose

    Meyle HD have mixed reviews. I had Meyle HD fitted to mines and ripped after 2 years approx. If you do need to change arms I recommend go with what was fitted originally which are Lemforders. Some are TRW too so check.
  10. SL11CKK

    Leaky tandem pump

    On my friends 1.9tdi golf mk5, He had the same issue of oil leaking. Again like you thought it was rocker cover gasket/seal however caused the same leak. After new tandem pump gasket all became well for him. So I think changing the gasket for the tandem pump will cure your issue too. Let us...
  11. SL11CKK

    B6 Useful Ebay finds

    I can't believe you are selling!
  12. SL11CKK

    best engine code?

    AVF = 6 Speed Box AWX = 5 Speed Box Although most AVF i've seen are stuck to an automatic. Anyways doesn't really matter as both engines are identical.
  13. SL11CKK

    Rear Control Arm, Collar

    That collar should be in the hub. So as above get it off and put it back into the hub or onto the new arm and fit it.
  14. SL11CKK

    where to support the engine when dropping the sub-frame

    From the top using a hoist. How come you're dropping the subframe?
  15. SL11CKK

    Front brake pads for 1.9 tdi

    Textar is owned by the same company that makes Pagid. TMD Friction
  16. SL11CKK

    Retrofitting Valeo HID Xenons to H7 Headlight

    I had a £50 hid kit and they didnt really last long. After that decided to go the OEM Valeo route although a lil bit more expensive however they have not failed since then.
  17. SL11CKK

    Slow glove box.

    Mines fast in the summer and very slow in the winter. Even after several attempt of greasing with silicon and white lithium. It worked for couple of days and then back to same issue. I think you may need new damper.
  18. SL11CKK

    Air bag disposal question

    Or you could do this to somebody! Airbag Prank-Dude Touched The Sky - YouTube
  19. SL11CKK

    How do you hoover?

    I tend to do that every 6 months or so. Although i lean it back because I dont want to scratch anything when pulling it out.