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  1. jlillington

    Cherry Motors - Dudley

    I'm currently advertising my B8 S4 Avant on pistonheads and I have received an email from a guy called James Challis who owns an independent dealer called Cherry Motors in Dudley. He offered to sell my call through his dealership for no cost to me. I was wondering if anyone had sold their car...
  2. jlillington

    Selling my B8 S4 Avant

    Hi all, I'm trying to sell my B8 S4 Avant at the mo, advertised on the forum here, and was also looking for a bit of advice on how good autotrader is. I've already advertised on as £10 for a premium advert for a month seems very reasonable but autotraders 45 sterling pounds...
  3. jlillington

    Audi HDD Nav update

    Hi I would like to find out how much an updated navigation disc for hdd nav would be with delivery to the oxford area. My car is the A5 cab if you require that. Thanks
  4. jlillington

    S5 parts

    Hi I'm looking for prices for the S5 3.0T Cabriolet lower spoiler and detailing strip. Part numbers: 8T0 807 521B 1RR and 8T0 807 791 2ZZ Thanks Jon
  5. jlillington

    B7 S4 Wiper Blades

    Could I please have a price up for a set of front wiper blades for an S4? If poss, then just the driver side blade. Thanks Jon
  6. jlillington

    G12+ coolant antifreeze

    Hi, I'm looking for a price for some g12+ antifreeze in either 1.5l or 5l bottle. Thanks
  7. jlillington

    STaSIS exhaust on S4 B7

    I have a B7 S4 and been thinking about changing the exhaust on it for a while and I think I may have fallen in love with the sound of the STaSIS exhaust... Really brings out the V8 note well. Does anyone know where could I find one of these in the...
  8. jlillington

    Decisions...dodo or werkstat?

    So I've been doing a little bit of reading and I'm looking for a good wax to use on my car that really brings an excellent deep gloss to the car. I have a solid tone brilliant red Audi, so was looking at the Werkstat carnauba kit on Polished Bliss or the Dodo Juice Banana Armour with (possibly)...
  9. jlillington

    Hi from...The Isle of Wight

    Hi all, also just wondering if there is anyone out there from the wonderful IOW and its closed off Hills Have Eyes community! I'll probably be picking peoples brains as to exhaust mods on s4s in the near future :s4addict: