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    New head unit issues

    Hi there wonder if anyone can help me. Just installed a new head unit and now have 2 issues. 1. No rear speakers. After looking around on here and in other places easy option is an adapter, but I'm unsure which I need pc9-401 or pc9-404? 2. No radio. Do I need a certain adapter to power the...
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    Twisted seat belts

    The 2 front seat belts in my avant have a 180 twist in them. I was searching for how to get to the bolt at the bottom so I could undo them and untwist them, but came across this diagram which shows they are supposed to be twisted. Does anyone know what the reason for the twist is? Sent from my...
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    Pro kit springs

    HI there quick question should eibach pro kit springs look the same length as standard (sports) springs? Sent from my E6833 using Tapatalk
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    Any idea what battery i need for a 2.8 v6? Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
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    Are all b5 subframes the same? Just noticed a large rust hole whilst removing the steering rack Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
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    Lower door moldings

    Are lower door moldings the same? avant to saloon Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
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    S4 side skirts

    Fitting s4 side skirts and door moldings, are they a straight swap or are there different bits behind them? Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
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    Sorry for another post about brakes, I just keep confusing myself with the amount of choice there is. Question is, what are good brake upgrade options for the front and rear? 2.8q on 18s Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
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    Steering rack

    After some help, i have a big leak on my steering rack, is it possible to repair the seals or do i need to replace the whole thing? If i need to replace it are all b5 racks the same or are they engine specific. Its a 2.8 quattro, what are my options? Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
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    Rear seats

    Are there any differences in the rear seats, pfl - fl and saloon - avant? Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
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    Rear brake upgrade

    Ive done alot of looking around and reading on here and other forums for rear brake upgrades and have completely confused myself with the many different options there are. What are the easiest/best caliper, carrier, disk combinations i can do? Its a 2.8q Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
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    Part number list

    Is there somewhere that lists all parts with their part numbers? Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
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    Break upgrade

    Hi just trying to find out what options there are for break upgrades. I have heard about b6 ally struts with s4 calipers and 312 discs, what other options are there? Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
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    headlight allignment

    after removing and refitting the headlight is there likely to be any issue with the alignment?
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    How low?

    How much have you lowered your b5? (pics if possible) Im looking at lowering my avant as it looks a bit like a 4x4 at the moment, but cant decide how much by.
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    Rust removal Shropshire

    Hi does anyone know anywhere that does rust removal in Shropshire? The sticky pads on my rear number plate had given up so i took the plate off to replace them and found this hiding behind it
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    oil around the top of the spark plugs?

    would having oil around all 6 of the spark plugs suggest the rocker cover gaskets are kaput and need replacing? its a 2.8 v6
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    suspension review

    has anyone had cobra suspension coilovers? what do people think of them?
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    vag com problem

    hi i am trying to scan my car with vagcom got it all connected go on to auto scan select b5 then start. it starts but a few seconds after trying address 01 appears my computer comes up with vag com has stopped working and shuts it down. does anyone have any ideas what is going on here? if i try...
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    Would this fit a 2.8 v6?

    Hi i have been offered one of these very cheap and was told it would fit on my 2.8q and was just wondering, before i bought it, if this is true or not?