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  1. kcpism

    Sold H&R 3055571 5X112 57MM CB 15MM WHEEL SPACER - FULL KIT

    For sale in overall good condition, two have been used and two are practically brand new. Kit includes 2 pairs of spacers, 4 lots of extended wheel nuts and 1 set of locking wheel nuts. H&R 3055571 Wheel Spacers are the answer if you need more brake clearance or just want a more aggressive...
  2. kcpism

    NSFW Dirty Cabin/Pollen Filter

    Recently purchased my A3 Sportback and since have had a full service, water pump and cam/aux belt done at a friendly garage but today is was my turn to get my hands dirty...enjoy! New: Original: Comparison: Never underestimate how dirty your cabin/pollen filter may be...
  3. kcpism

    Heater Control Panel not illuminating

    As per the title, my A3 heater panel isn’t illuminating which is a bit of a pita especially as it’s dark at around 4:30 these days...I had a similar problem on my mk4 Golf which was a simple fix of pulling out the center fan control and switching out the little bulb but I can’t seem to pull the...
  4. kcpism

    Longtime VW now Audi owner

    Heya, been lurking around for a little while but finally signed up... Having owned a mk4 VW Golf 1.9 tdi for the best part of 9 years I’ve finally got my hands on an 8P facelift A3 Sportback 2.0 tdi which is a nice little upgrade if I do say so myself!