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  1. andy l

    New S1 troubles now needs new bumper

    Picked up my new S1 on the 6th March. I don't think Audi's quality checks are what they use to be. When i picked it scratches on front bumper, front passenger seat leather all marked, nearside sideskirt different colour to the rest of the vehicle and the rear reg plate wonky. In direct sunlight...
  2. andy l

    Abt price decrease

    Hi for those that are interested I made an enquiry months ago for an Abt unit for a S1 and the price was well over £2k. Just got an email from Richter Sport this morning stating they now have additional support from Abt and supplied and fitted the unit is now £1500 with full warranty as before...
  3. andy l

    Anyone got the panoramic roof.

    Having to re-order my S1!!!!!!! Still got a bit of time to sort spec before it gets locked at the factory etc has anyone got the comfort pack or panoramic sunroof and if so thoughts? Managed to get heated seats for free so might ask for some discount on this.
  4. andy l

    Audi Cocked up my order

    Was due to pick up my new S1 on Saturday morning... Tracked car and was told in uk by Audi York so I cancelled my finance for my Tts with my old car and changed over the insurance for pick up. Everything going to plan salesman sends me a picture straight off the truck and most of the Quattro...
  5. andy l

    Purchased superchips bluefin

    Hi just bought a superchips bluefin for my new S1. Had a very long conversation with a technical engineer at superchips on Friday about the bluefin. The new bluefin has the latest software which after it's taken off totally puts the car to standard, the device has software which eradicates any...
  6. andy l

    Quattro interior pack

    Didn't have it my last S1 what's everyone's views who have it. Do they like etc. Ordered it on my new S1 but is it an extravagant expensive option. Don't know what to do!!!!
  7. andy l

    Thinking about coming back.

    Hi sold my s1 in April for the latest tts and its turned out to be a massive dissapointment. Very fine car, well built but extremely dull. Its actually the most dissapointing car ive owned in 30 plus years of motoring. I use to walk ip to s1 wanting to drive it but the tts makes me prefer to...
  8. andy l

    My S1 is going this week

    My S1 is going at the weekend and I'm picking up a new Audi Tts. The S1 has been a fantastic car never missed a beat, great economy, cheap to insure and an absolute blast to drive. The only negative is the standard Bridgestones there awful. So I would give the car 5 out of 5. If anyone is...
  9. andy l

    Ordered and awaiting delivery of a new Tts

    Bit of a turn around cancelled the new focus rs and have ordered a new Audi tts. Just couldn't bring myself to leave the Audi brand and with the offers on the new TT to much to resist. There's 5000 Audi/dealer contribution off a new TT. Got nearly 21500 for my S1 with the comfort pack for free...
  10. andy l

    Tts alloys

    I'm just about to order a new tts but the only thing I can't decide on is the alloys. I quite like the 19" standard alloys but I am tempted by the 20" alloys. Has anyone got the 20s on their tt could offer any thoughts or opinion. Thanks
  11. andy l

    Should I buy a TTS

    Hi Tts owners I currently have a S1 had put a deposit on the new Focus Rs but don't think I can actually bring myself to leave Audi. Thinking about getting a brand new Tts firstly is it any good and any thoughts on the 20" alloys.
  12. andy l

    Superchips bluefin now available for the S1

    Just had a look superchips now have a bluefin available for the S1. Had this on my Megane rs 250 and couldn't fault it. £499 if the focus rs doesn't work out think I'm gonna give this a go.
  13. andy l

    Eco mode

    What does it actually do? I just used it when driving 130 miles to Nottingham and got 34mpg. I switched it off on the return journey and got well over 37 mpg and on the return journey drove much faster. Any ideas.
  14. andy l

    Just ordered the new Focus RS

    Just ordered the new focus rs in stealth, lux pack, standard seats, painted callipers and 19" forged alloy wheels. Just have to wait now. Should be May 16 the dealer told me.
  15. andy l

    Revo intake fitted

    Fitted the revo intake, bit of a pain to fit the oem hose clamps once the revo samco hose is refitted as its a really tight fit. Had to buy a pair of spring loaded pliers with special ends on so the clamps could be opened wide enough. But fitted, and so far I've noticed improved throttle...
  16. andy l

    My new S1

  17. andy l

    Alloy gear knob with red stitching for audi s1

    Any one know who sells it on line and is it easy to fit. Is it the same as the s3.
  18. andy l

    Audi s1 in Emden Germany!

    Hi everyone just joined ordered my s1 on October 4th 2014 car is built and just been told in port awaiting shipment. Ordered 3 door in sepang blue, Exterior Quattro pack Privacy glass Flat bottom wheel Bose system Can't wait now!