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  1. MrSaetervik

    OBDeleven - 48hour heads up

    I just saw this when I opened my OBDeleven app today, just thought I might share it to let people know, if you were planning to buy one
  2. MrSaetervik

    Can't read EEPROM

    I have been trying to read the EEPROM from my A4 B7 RB8 cluster, but eithout any luck. I've tried multiple softwares and are currently using Abrites. It works great for everything else except reading the eeprom. The connection starts, and it tries to read, then Iget prompted that it couldn't be...
  3. MrSaetervik

    1.9TDI - Upgraded Engine Mounts?

    As there are very little to no upgraded parts for the 1.9TDI out and about I must ask you guys. Does upgraded engine mounts for this engine even exist? If so, where?