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    a4 b8 sat nav help!!! hi people I have just bought a audi a4 b8 but has no sat nav ........ dam it I miss the b7's nav so much has anyone heard what these...
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    audi navigation plus

    hi does anybody know if i can link up a ps3 to the audi nav plus. i got the 2007 a4 b7 if this helps, and what about a dvd player? thanks
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    a4 tdi 170 straight through help!!!!

    hi, i have a audi a4 b7 tdi 170 been remapped then i got straight through twin pipes, but the sound was not realy any different to normal, sometimes when its been driven hot the exhausts change sound instant to a real deep sound and this sounds how it should but then after 5 mins of driving it...