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  1. SL11CKK

    What have you done today?

    Ouch! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. SL11CKK

    tdi head removal?

    If its a PD engine I found out that machinemart do have them however don't know if they hold them in stock.
  3. SL11CKK

    Build spec first page of Service History book.

    If you are looking to decode the PR Codes then head over to: Linky
  4. SL11CKK

    Anyone know what lead this is ?

    I would imagine the CD changer?
  5. SL11CKK

    Going to AITP with a VCDS cable and laptop?

    Lol before you even said that I was thinking ScottB5 got a plug socket in his car.
  6. SL11CKK

    Free tyres for you A3 boys at halfords autocentre

    DUDE! You probably caused the system to flag up. Hence none of us are getting free tyres no more.! :laugh:
  7. SL11CKK

    Free tyres for you A3 boys at halfords autocentre

    Yep mines been cancelled saying they can't honour it. I suppose nothing in this world is free not even a slap.
  8. SL11CKK

    Free tyres for you A3 boys at halfords autocentre

    Ive just done it too. Lrts see how it goes
  9. SL11CKK

    What wheels for my 8L?

    Ive seen a silver 8L with Golf R reps (similar to the rs6 gen2) Looks very good and mind youbit was sitting on 19s and also sitting very low.
  10. SL11CKK

    Vag Tacho Cluster Clocks Swap Tdi 1998

    Is your vagtacho cable genuine?
  11. SL11CKK

    Brake bleed fail... No brakes

    Honestly try getting a brake bleeding kit; makes the job at hand so easy and its a 1 man job and more importantly stress free.
  12. SL11CKK

    new alloys what do i get??

    If you want the ones you originally posted, then head over to bmautosport as they are selling them. They've also got other ranges too which may interest you.
  13. SL11CKK

    MOT just done £440!!!!!!

    If I was them even though they have sort of "done" you I would've taken off the MOT or at least make it £35, just to sort of keep you happy. Although you may not be able to do anything about the prices now since you've paid for it.
  14. SL11CKK

    low on oil but can i mix?

    Personally I wouldn't, but depends on how much is missing. I would just stick to the same visocity oil
  15. SL11CKK

    How much was your last MOT?

    £35 here too!
  16. SL11CKK

    Who is running 19s and lowered?

    Your so raw Jojo....:p Chill out dude
  17. SL11CKK

    Noises !

    I have the same problem when hitting the acceleration whilst the car is moving however when stationary and revving slightly it doesn't come. I THINK it could be the gearbox mount maybe....
  18. SL11CKK

    Proudest Mod so far

    I second that! ;)
  19. SL11CKK

    What A Pain In The A** :-(

    It could be that the socket where the sensor plugs into is broken or loose. Seen a lot of VW's where the plug breaks. New wiring loom for VW is approx £30 - £40 from dealer. Should be the same for Audi.
  20. SL11CKK

    Discs + pads: Pagid or Mintex?

    I would say Mintex and Pagid in the same league.....what about ATE