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  1. HelenB

    For Sale A4 B6 Passenger door mirror in silver

    Passenger door mirror (electric) in silver for A4 B6 saloon or Avant. Good condition, just very minor scratch/scuff on cover, nothing major. £15 posted.
  2. HelenB

    For Sale A4 B6 Saloon/Avant Front Passenger Door Skin Silver £10

    A4 B6 2001-2004 Front passenger door in silver. Fits saloon or estate, not cabriolet. Good condition, no dents or rust. Very minor surface scratch here and there but hard to spot. Door has been stripped of everything except the exterior door handle and inner locking mechanism. Lower blade trim...
  3. HelenB

    Hit 250k today!

    My "not particularly cherished" in the past 2004 TDI 100 AVB engine just hit 250,000 miles today! Proud of the old girl. I've not actually had it long but I know the previous 2 owners. I know there are many out there with 300k but I'm very pleased with this for now! I've spent a fair bit of time...
  4. HelenB

    2001 S4 Avant on new Wheeler Dealers Monday 7th

    New Wheeler Dealers 9pm Discovery Channel Monday 7th September : They're doing up a 2001 S4 Avant! Hopefully be a good watch.
  5. HelenB

    Bottom hose cold after thermostat change - tdi

    Dash temp gauge never got over 60-70 unless sat still revving it (as soon as moving again it would drop) so changed coolant temp sensor, still the same. So put in a new German Wahler thermostat. Now temp goes to 90 and sticks there like glue. However the lower hose coming from the thermostat...
  6. HelenB

    Whose tdi can beat 246,000 miles?

    Does anyone have a healthy running b6 tdi with more miles than mine (246k+)? I suspect there is but would like to see. Mine is a 2004 tdi (100 AVB). It's had is a recon turbo 85k/9 years ago engine-wise, but nothing else documented other than the usual servicing, but history sketchy after first...
  7. HelenB

    Airbag light confusion

    I have airbag light on the dash permanently and code 01218 which should be a passenger side problem. I was preparing to do this connector removal procedure : However, when I lifted the seat the connector isn't there. I have a black connector which must be unrelated to airbags and some yellow...
  8. HelenB

    1.9tdi thermostat removal technique

    Hi guys, Sorry I know this has been covered a lot but can someone who has changed the thermostat on an AVB 100 1.9tdi please tell me : can I just remove the small black plastic housing (two nuts) to replace the thermostat or do I need to remove the whole metal housing? I'm guessing if it's only...