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  1. NHN

    Lost my locking wheel nut key (perfect end to s**t week)

    Its not mcgard imho, but the amazon link looks like it will fit. Grab mcgard set, they include the key code for re-order. To remove, whack a socket over it, til its got right fit, undo, smack bolt out through the socket, do again, voila, done number of times, no issues & socket still in use ;)
  2. NHN

    Front Bumper Relocation.

    Unfortunately you've snapped it of the wing fixings, you'll need to plastic weld them back in place, but they're a real pain to do with any longevity, topfix is good but having owned a B6 aka B7, same fixing type, it maybe better to replace
  3. NHN

    Battery drain

    Need to do a load test on circuits when locked. Rns-e or bt also causes drain as above.
  4. NHN

    DTM Drivers front seat problem

    Electric or manual plastic wheel so to speak?
  5. NHN

    2005 B7 2.0 TDI Sline Rear Spring Part Number?

    Ahh ******, springs usually are colour coded also, I can't get vin access atm but I'm sure of you can check on the spring its usually imprinted, if not too difficult that is.
  6. NHN

    2005 B7 2.0 TDI Sline Rear Spring Part Number?

    I would honestly go for eibach, ask Damian @ dpm for prices, good springs & good service from him.
  7. NHN

    Heated seats don’t work

    Few things, climate unit, relay, seat elements, fuses, those are the usual suspects, wiring doubtful unless its been toasted somehow, but highly unlikely. If its both, it has to be a common denominator as 1 goes its usually the seat element, but 2 its 1 of the other 3 things. You need to stick...
  8. NHN

    Instrument Cluster replacement in Scotland

    I'll check if we can do B7 clusters, but if so we would do via courier to us & back.
  9. NHN

    Seat belt chime

    Check the connector's under the seat, belt clips dont often go tbh, usually wiring under.
  10. NHN

    Leaking diesel pipe under car

    Yeah as I mentioned, but is yours cracked as in your 1st pic it looks like the pipes come loose, cant you refit it & clamp?
  11. NHN

    Leaking diesel pipe under car

    Audi parts can supply the pipe, however it may come as multiple, ideally chat to them in a parts department & see if you can find the pipe on etka with them. Is it the left or right pipe?
  12. NHN

    Help needed

    So when you say it keeps going min & max, is that without top ups now? As if it doesn't need topping up anymore, would suggest blockage, hence heating/pipes isaue, maybe stat, etc, given this was the system you were working on for the car to run, did you check circulation, by removing a pipe?
  13. NHN

    A4 B7 2.0 TDi Coolant Loss.

    Any starting issues, starting with initial puff of smoke which clears very quickly?
  14. NHN

    Esp light

  15. NHN

    Washed my car and now it won't start (electronics)

    I suspect as above, you've had overflow water into passenger footwell & its fried the module under passenger front footwell.
  16. NHN

    58plate 2lt D cabriolet door card fastener.

    I know the part, but post a pic of yours to confirm.
  17. NHN

    Well that didn’t go to plan!

    Could probably arrange that to be done, albeit at a cost but best to whatsapp if required.
  18. NHN

    vcds on 3.0 tdi b7 won't run fuel pump in basic settings

    If the pumps not pressuring with ignition on, then clearly its a signal issue from cluster, engine module etc, it should pressure on ignition.
  19. NHN

    Clutch or bad slavecylinder bleed ?

    Did you use a gunson or the like unit to apply pressure of about 20 psi, then bleed. Its not beyond possibility its the box, but try that 1st, I had nightmares on my brakes until I used 1 of those, worked a treat. Only about £20 from Toolstation or prime maybe.
  20. NHN

    Will this fbsw fit my car?

    Yes but needs correct airbag & loom which will need repinning more than likely.