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    C7.5 breather line removal

    Hi while i change injectors washers and putting all back together I broke breather line pipes .I did remove 2 torx from that 1 near oil filter housing but can't take it out and this is the only thing stopping me to put car back on the road. Do indeed to remove oil filter housing or something...
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    C7 3.0tdi 272 BHP common ISSUE

    Bought my car 3 months ago and now i belive the noise come from area where is camchain i belive that camshafs, tensioner or chain or maybe something else. Ive recorded the the wierd noise and posted on audi a6 c7 group on Facebook and 1lad who is audi technician at Northampton said this is...
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    s tronic oil change at independed garage

    I live in Halifax west Yorkshire and looking for independent garage for s tronic oil n filter change coz i don't trust audi "average train " mechanic so looking for other solutions. So many bad reviews plus my Audi (bought 3 weeks ago) and found out with 58k miles on the clock and oil wasn't...