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    Arm rest squeak?

    Anyone elses center arm rest noisy? Mine squeaks loads when i go over small bumps etc or move my arm slightly to change gear. Its just a general squeak from the whole thing moving within the center console, so not sure there is a lot that can be done, but does anyone have any ideas?
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    Suffolk/ Essex meets?

    Is there any audi meets in suffolk or essex area? I live in ipswich.
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    Change username?

    Hi, been using the site for a while but i joined by linking to my facebook account, now i cant register with a username because it just uses my facebook name. Cant register again because the email address is used by facebook so it wont let me. Is there a way that i can just change my username...
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    My Brilliant Black S Line 1.8T

    took some pictures at the weekend when i cleaned it. Doesnt stay clean for long! By the way if anyone can tell me how to register with a username instead of just my facebook name i'd be very thankful, it wont let me because my email is linked to facebook so it says already in use! I tried a...
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    hole in front bumper!

    Just washed my car and found quite a big hole through the plastic part which the fog lights are in. Looks like a big stone has gone right through it. Im amazed i didnt notice it before, as i've only had the car a week and inspected it all over before i bought it. I've already washed it once...
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    change halogen DRL bulb?

    I have a 58 plate s line, with standard lights and halogen DRL's. I've been doing some reading about changing the DRL to whiter bulbs but cant seem to find a very good answer. Is there a simple replacement that i can just swap over, e.g the right wattage etc? All the suggestions i've seen dont...
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    How to put S line badge on facelift grille?

    I've seen a picture on here where someone has put the s line badge on a facelift grille, looks pretty good. I dont really understand how he did it though as its between the horizontal slats and seems to be attatched to the vertical slat somehow. If anyone knows how to do this could you help me...
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    brilliant black cleaning routine

    Picking up my 58 plate brilliant black s line next week. Must admit i've never taken care of my car before, so what products do i need to get? From what i've been reading i need shampoo, some sort of wax, and possibly a sealant of some kind to use before winter? The paintwork is in very good...
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    Exhaust tips dont fit S-Line??

    Im looking at a 58 plate S-Line, which definitley needs some chrome exhaust tips. The official audi ones dont fit S-lines according to the website, why is that? Is it something to do with the rear diffuser? Is it possible to put chrome tips on the facelifted S-Line!?
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    Main dealer, how much discount?

    Seen an a3 im interested in at my local dealership, its up for 13k which is list price according to parkers. I dont really want to spend more than 12k, is this realistic? Its like an 8% discount which isnt that massive. Anyone know how moveable Audi are on their approved used cars?
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    Looking to get A3 advice please

    Im 99% sure i want an a3 as my next car. My budget is in the region of 10k, could stretch to 11k. It has to be an S line really as the others just don't look anywhere near as good! It seems buying a sport model and putting all the bits on it would work out more expensive than just getting the S...