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  1. J

    More 2.00 Turbo options

    Chipping this engine to 250+ through 4 wheels is a nice setup 270 is even better. What worries me is MTM do the remap for the mrk v that could be a bit much through the front wheels.
  2. J

    Got it finally!!!!!!!!!!

    [ QUOTE ] I know, I nearly cried only there was someone with me Anyone know anywhere in Ireland that does alloy repair or is it worth getting done? [/ QUOTE ] Where about are you based? I got my first scratch polished out by a chap in autosmart 70 quid wasn’t a cheap job but he brought the...
  3. J

    S6 spy shots

    440Bhp seems a little tame, is that going to be a V8 ? I was expecting them to put the lambo V10 block in it. its tame compared to the 500Bh M5 that is. Its also going to be contending with that new CLS 55 which is a beast. Any word on a new RS6?
  4. J

    Had A3 on rollers....good result!

    Nice stats mark it really opened the torque range up. U still considering the gti? How did the corrado’s perform on the RR? [ QUOTE ] I shall not act the complete tool again while very drunk and posting on forums. [/ QUOTE ] leave the laptop at home next time your in the pub mate
  5. J

    quattro UR

    Anyone know a good website/forum for the quattro? Looking for a buyers guide on them, things to look out for when buying one etc.
  6. J

    New to the A3

    The 2.0Tfsi has 200Bhp and 280N/m cant see how a 2.0 TDi unchipped A4 will be any better mate. Youd want to be getting the V6 Tdi + chip to get anywere near S4 performance.
  7. J

    A3's at the Ring

    Could be testing the new 2.0T quattro 3 door. Looks a bit funny when dropped that much
  8. J

    Emissions light on FSi

    Yeah thought it might have been the petrol only thing is the car has never seen a drop of any other petrol than optimax! My feeling is the local shell is not selling what it is advertising as pura I have noticed the car ran better when I filled up in other stations, would reporting this to shell...
  9. J

    TEST drove the 2.0TQ Today....

    Are you going to chip it Dave? I see QST have an MTM pack already available on the 2.0T 270Bhp +
  10. J

    Emissions light on FSi

    Started up the A3 this morning and the Emissions light came on after a very messy start, I let it run idle for a few mins and it went off. Parked it up and took the golf instead just in case. Anyone know of any problem with the cat/emissions on the Fsi engines? Might have just been a lumpy start...
  11. J

    A3 2.0T Quattro ...

    The 3 door? Does it have the new front end? When did they come out?
  12. J

    New RS3 / S3 Info

    All these big engines what a shame, I quite liked the fact that the old S3 was a 1.8T. Id say its only a matter of time before the new 2.0T Fsi gets a chip for 300Bhp. Its well possible and a new S3 would be just the car to bring it out on. As for the RS well 3.2 Twin turbo would be acceptable...
  13. J

    Golf GTI v A3 TFSI

    yeah I must say I haven’t read a bad article on the mrk V gti yet. Anyone drove the A3 TFSi yet?
  14. J


    Ive seen those PhatNoise mp3 players going for around $300 in the US, there are a load of the kenwood music kegs going on ebay for around $250 - same thing as the phatnoise but only 10gig. Was thinking about getting one a while back.
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    anyone want a 3.2 exaust?

    will it fit the 1.6Fsi models? I presume Id have to get my rear bumper chopped for it?
  16. J

    A3 Sportsback @ Paris 2004

    **** the car I never saw her at the show I would have made much more effort to get a closer look at the sportback had I seen here there Mind you I did spot a fair few honeys at the Peugeot stand, dolled out in a classy corset + pants not your typical MAX POWER orange rubber suit !
  17. J

    A3 Sportsback @ Paris 2004

    I guess your not a beemer fan then Yak?
  18. J

    suspension problem acclaimed by audi

    Had both fog lights and left rear light replaced - no fogging up since. Had windows looked at also but no solution for that yet, garage did mention the rear noise problem and said Audi were looking into it.
  19. J

    A3 Sportsback @ Paris 2004

    Took a few pics myself at it. Still no word on the TDI quattro Here is the rear of the new A4 - 3.2Q mmmmmmm V8 A6 lambo Bucati