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    A3 / S3 bits

    Hi Folks, I posted in the classifieds some time ago but didn't really get any response, I've got a load of parts that were off or for my S3 (some A3 generic stuff) included and rather than throw them in the bin or put them on Ebay I thought I'd ask here first in case anyone is in need. I...
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    S3 headgasket

    Hi Folks, Pretty sure my S3 has eaten it's head gasket after one too many mountains in Scotland over the summer. If your car was using water and running like a bag of **** sometimes who would you trust to do the work bearing in mind it's going to be a big bill regardless. I won't go...
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    Ferodo DS Performance / DS2500

    Hi All, I'm trying to decide which pads to try next any votes? From what I understand the DS2500 squeal like a ******* and aren't great when stone cold and that is the two points that the DS Performance pads are meant to solve. I want pads that don't fade but still have decent stopping...
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    S3 Parts?

    Hi Folks, Does anyone know of a breakers or anyone that might have an S3 in being stripped? I'm trying to find a front subframe specifically. Cheers, Ben.
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    I love my S3

    Well, I know I don't appear on here that much, but I thought I'd share something. :icon_thumright: I've done probably close on 4,500 miles in the last 4 weeks in my s3, 2500 of which were in the last week around europe. Even doing 670miles in a day acoss germany and poland at upto 239kph...
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    Neversaydie - you're famous fella.

    Got sent this link by someone at work this morning, inbetween giggling like an idiot spotted a familiar pussy. Fame at last hey?:icon_thumright: ps... the link is safe for work, it's a load of funny pics of...
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    What a day... Emissions?

    Hi All, Well I wasn't expecting that, car failed it's MOT today for emissions, Carbon monoxide was too high (by a lot) and lambda was a little low (only just outside limits) any ideas what could be causing this? I'm guessing it's either lambda sensor / cat related but thoughts or experiences...
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    Road Pricing - does anyone actually enjoy driving?

    Hi All, It would be really good if a HUGE number of people signed the below petition before Feb, feel free to forward this on to everyone you know and maybe just maybe the government will take the hint. PS… before anyone asks, we already pay for...
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    Dark S3 - S3 *** Wokingham last night

    Hello All, Just thought I would post a spotted up here for once, drove the other way past a dark blue / black S3 with an S3 private plate last night around the back of wokingham (think you must have been near home). Is it anyone on here? :think: :beerchug: Ben.
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    Pics from the Paris Motorshow (S3 and R8 inc)

    As I managed to find time to have a wonder about, thought I'd share some piccies from the Paris Motorshow - it was HUGE. S3 (Much better in real life that I thought): R8 (Can someone lend me the money please - just look at the details): Random other cars:
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    Paris Motorshow

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone is going on has been to the Paris motorshow, I might be able to get over there on friday If all goes to plan (which it probably won't) I fancy seeing the new S3 and the R8 in real life... Regards, Ben.
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    S3 suspension parts?

    Hi All, Just wondering really, I'm thinking of replacing the dampers at the front and maybe the springs all round, however I'd like to go for standard stuff (or bilstein equivelents etc), does anyone know where to get them other than Audi, GSF and eurocarparts don't seem to be very helpful for...
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    Audi LeMans engine into the Q7...

    Should be interesting... Will propel the large beast to 62mph in around 5.5 seconds which is nice! PS... I'm serious.
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    Crap Advice - Why?

    What is it with people that don't actually know what they're talking about posting "advice" on the internet... not specifically directed at this forum, just bugging me this evening. :keule: :rtfm: :wtf: :end_of_discction: Rant over...
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    Removing rear trailing arms - S3

    Anyone know what's involved in getting the rear trailing arms / transverse links off the S3? do you need to ****** about with the drive shafts or springs or is it just an undo the bolts at each end and job done type problem? The reason I ask is I'm thinking of replacing the bushes for the...
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    A3 Concert Stereo help please!!!

    Hi All, I remember seeing something ages ago about this but can't find it... I've just got myself a replacement concert stereo off ebay and firstly the front is wider than the one in my car - which is nice! however swapping the front from my old one solves the problem there, however the new...
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    Intake mainfold to FPR hose WARNING

    Hi All, Just thought I'd let you know what I found this afternoon, the hose from the Intake manifold to the FPR on my S3 was split at both ends. I had noticed a long time ago that the fabric cover was a little fraid at the FPR end. Having a closer look today it was actually split through at...
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    My LeMans 06 Pics

    Hi All, I just added some of my rather random LeMans pics to photobucket for somthing else and thought some of you *might* appritiate some of them... If not sod ya you miserable buggers... bet it was more fun than GTI International... :moa: Incase the below doesn't work there's a link to...
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    Sheep Shagging - Is is right? Discuss!

    As per title... thought someone had better post in here... so where are the local meets to shag sheep then. :shutup2: :eiertritt: Meant very tonge in cheek as I spent a fantastic year at Cardiff Uni before people start getting the ****!
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    Service history

    Hi All, My car is due it's next simple non-haldex / anything interesting service (only oil change I think, would have been the 90,000 miles jobbie on standard schedule) and it's got full Audi service history till then engine went bang then the last services have been done by AmD who replaced...