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    New A1 Owner

    Very nice just ordered mine on sat
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    BM Autosport - BBS CH Reps

    A lot of lads run his wheels on and only have good things to say
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    wrapping chrome grill surround!

    I removed mine by using a trim removal tool and prying it off in situ
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    Materials cost £400 -£500 for a full respray. I really wouldn't trust sending my car to someone who's business is "on it's ****" as any trades man who runs a business well and provides a quality service stays busy no matter what the financial climate is like. Close friend of mine of sc...
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    K04 Rebuild, how difficult?

    You need to have means of balancing the turbo mate so not a job for the diyer, £300 sounds cheap for a rebuild though. As far as hybrids go you won't need forged internals on a standard map but if you want to use it's full potential then I'd definitely say you'd need a set of con rods. Rob
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    The carbon wrapping continues!

    Looks great, my roof, door pillars and blades are done in this stuff, I got boared and did my key yesterday! Like the bits you've covered
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    Did the grill surround this morning

    Fantastic write up, the star wars role play made me laugh!
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    Creation Motorsport TIP

    From what I've read I'd spend the extra money and get in the queue for a badger 5 tip
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    Fault Diagnosis time.... (We all love this)

    Let's hope that little list solves it!
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    Fault Diagnosis time.... (We all love this)

    I would say it'll either be a tyre or more likey another wheel bearing they do 'throw' noise so can be hard to diagnose. Jack the car upon the other 3 corners and spin the wheel listening for roughness and feel any play in the wheel with your hands 10-2 and 12-6. That's the mot method anyway lol
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    Trustworthy online alloy wheel retailers for R8 V10 style alloys?

    try mark at bmautosport hes a top bloke and well priced
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    K04 downpipe & sports/decat group buy - gauging interest.

    Happy days looks like there's progress, just hope the increase in price isn't to much!
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    K04 downpipe & sports/decat group buy - gauging interest.

    Doesn't seem right! Must of gone to the half wits school of business!!
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    K04 downpipe & sports/decat group buy - gauging interest.

    Very true! I would personally get manufactured myself if I was welly as they don't seem to be keeping there side of the bargain!
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    K04 downpipe & sports/decat group buy - gauging interest.

    I'll have a dp and decat depending on price
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    Who's 8L is the most unreliable?

    Brought my mrs s3 3 weeks ago, so far; Maf sensor N75 Brake light switch Brake servo And now turbo!
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    Think My Turbo gave up :(

    this thread is interesting mine has given up too today!
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    3M Di-Noc, cracking stuff.........

    My roof, b pillars and door fins are covered in this it's great stuff! Mirror looks good mate but be more gentle on the screen next time lol
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    Overfilled Oil...

    The problem you'll find with over filling oil is it builds up crankcase pressure and can cause the big end bearings to fail, I had it at work last week on a Alfa 156. I'd buy, borrow or steal a 19mm socket and get some out. Saying that you may be ok but I certainly wouldn't want to risk it...
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    K04 turbo replacement

    Thanks guys will have a gander