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    Audi A3 2.0 TDI Perfomance Clutch

    Hello... Currently got an Audi A3 2.0 TDI... while being in my possession its had a bran new turbo and a clutch from LUK, also has been remapped.... The clutch was fitted 10 months ago and doesnt have the bite anymore and is nearly slipping.. just wondering whats my next option because i...
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    A3 2004 with basic settings issue

    Hello just wondering if someone can give me abit of advice.... Recently my rev guage stopped working so i though oh easy fix orderd a used set off ebay..... Big mistake all the faults from the new clocks transfered onto my car... to cut a long story short i have fixed all the problems apart...
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    Egr Delete Help.... Thankyouuuu

    Not posted much on here since my new turbo being fitted... oh and me dinting my boot :) lol Still loving the car and its goin in for a uprated clutch from larkspeed sometime this week as its started to slip with the map etc... Just wondering if anyone can help my identify wether this is the...
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    Reg Plate Lights!!!!!

    Hellooo, havent really posted or been on here since my overboosting thread! because of noo issues (Thankgod!) Howeverrr.. now the reg plate lights have started playing up! tried to fit canbus LEDs like i did with my old cooper s but they didnt fit due to the horrible design of the bulb holders...
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    A3 TDI 140, HELP Overboosting, Limp Mode!

    Hi, I have researched and read up on the threads on here about over boosting and have gotten know where really and it needs to be fixed... Soo the story... I’ve owned my A3 for around 2 weeks now; it’s a A3 2.0 TDI 2004 54 plate. I’ve had some problems with it over boosting, going up...