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    S3 Sachs performance clutch update

    Hi all, Just thought I'd put an update on here for the benefit of anyone else in future regarding the Sachs performance clutch. I had my car ( a 57 plate S3) remapped by Revo at 1 year old/10000 miles, it managed to do two years/22000 miles before the standard clutch started to slip. So I...
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    S3 - New clutch required, what sort and how much?

    Hi All, The clutch has just started to slip on my 2007 stage 1 remapped s3, after 33000 miles. So, which uprated clutch should I replace it with, ideally one that can take the torque of a stage 2 remap if I decide to go down that route? and how much does it cost? And what are people being...
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    Goodyear eagle f1 assymetric tyres delaminating

    Hi all, I know a few of you use the F1 assymetrics , has anyone seen what I'm describing below? My S3 was serviced the other day and while it was on the ramps I had a look around it, I noticed that on the inside edges of both front tyres, it looks like the tread is starting to delaminate...
  4. J

    Car Jacked!

    My wife was just car jacked outside the chill factore (indoor snow slope) by the trafford centre. Three bloke with knives took her Civic Type R. Shes fine. Watch out everyone.
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    Blue flame exhaust for S3

    Anyone heard anything about them? Worth having instead of miltek for a revo'd car?
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    flashing emission control system light on S3

    Earlier today, i acclerated hard up to the red line in 4th gear, but just before the rev limiter came on, I noticed the emissions control system light (the one that looks like an engine) started flashing. I slowed down, but the light continued to flash, the car appeared to drive normally...
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    S3 loosing a small amount of coolant

    I've noticed since I bought my S3 brand new about a year ago, that the coolant level has dropped very slowly, its now on the minimum mark. Given that its so slow I dont think its a significant fault, but probably more just a slightly weeping joint somewhere. Are there any common places in...
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    Revo Select Switch

    Does anyone know if I had my car remapped with Revo, could I then go and buy any second hand revo select switch off ebay to enable me to turn it on/off, or does it need to be programmed specifically for my car?
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    S3 brake pads

    Ok, so does anyone have any experience of using non standard brake pads in their s3 ,I'm looking for some that can take the extra heat generated on a track without crumbling , but that also work well on the road without requiring heating up first. options look to be Mintex 1144 or 1155, I've...
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    Trackday at Anglesey , Sunday 26 oct

    I'm booked on this trackday with Bookatrack, anyone from here going? Not driven the s3 on track before, so should be interesting.
  11. J

    effect of remaps on insurance premiums

    Been thinking about getting the s3 remapped for a while now, so I thought I'd get some insurance quotes with and without the remap, unsurprisingly, quite a lot of companies wont cover a car with any modifications, but a few will. but it puts my premium up from ~£300 to ~£600. Quite a jump...
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    List all the cars you have owned so far

    Following on from the age poll, I reckon it'll be interesting to see what cars people have owned before now.
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    Prosport Rolling road?

    Couldnt see an existing thread on this, so sorry if this is a duplicate, but what was the outcome? What did each car produce? Cheers
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    S3 - alignment

    Does anyone have a copy of the wheel alignment figures for a stock S3, specifically I'm looking to find out what the toe, camber, castor is for both front and rear sets of wheels.
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    ESP default

    On an S3 (or any A3 for that matter I guess) , Is there any way to change the default setting , so that the ESP system is off by default instead of on by default. I find it quite intrusive at times and would rather it was off most of the time.
  16. J

    S3 oil change/service indicator

    Had my s3 for a week now, and I'm starting to get to grips with it, but I'm confused by the variable servicing . On the DIS, if I go through the menus to 'check' then 'service' there are two options, one is 'oil change', and the other other is 'service'. For the oil change it says it is due is...
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    Roof bars for A3/S3

    When I bought my S3 I tried to order some official roof bars from audi , but I was told they no longer sell them as they have had some problems, they couldnt elaborate on what the problems were. Anyway, I now have the car and audi still dont sell the bars (despite them being listed in the...
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    S3 running in

    Picked up my new s3 on Friday, all is well with it, very pleased so far. However the dealer mentioned that he thought that the ecu limits the boost for the first 1000 miles so it might not feel as fast as the demo I drove fairly extensively. I thought it was probably usual salesman bull, but...
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    Online manuals/handbooks

    Ok, just bought a new S3 (in silver), pick it up on Friday. In the meantime does anyone know of any online manuals/handbooks I can have a look through to get up to speed until then. PArticularly around how the GSM phone prep works and the DIS , and what the running in procedure should be...
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    S3 Rev limit

    Can anyone tell me what the rev limit is on a standard S3? When I had a test drive it didnt cut in despite me revving it into the red zone on the rev counter, In every other car I've had the rev limiter cuts in at exactly the red line on the rev counter.