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  1. Schlaag

    SQ5 2017 SQ5 brake pad questions

    Hi all I think front and rear pads need changing. Is this a job any general garage can do? Fronts are simple but rears are electric.... not sure if that makes it an Audi dealer specific job? also time is of the essence so I’ve just put my reg in eurocarparts and they have fronts (brembo) and...
  2. Schlaag

    SQ5 2018 SQ5

    No they pushed it back because of the chips on the sensor. not covered by warranty hence why I'll do it and save myself the ridiculous £400 they quoted
  3. Schlaag

    SQ5 2018 SQ5

    Had mine about 8 months now... great car but front PDC has failed. Apparently because one sensor on the front had 3 tiny little marks. Are sensors really that fragile, especially on the front!? Is it easy to remove the bumper / side grille so I can replace the sensor myself?
  4. Schlaag

    SQ5 Front bumper side grilles. Removal? Bumper off?

    Hi, is it a bumper off job to remove the bumpers front side grilles? or do they just pull off? Are there any guides to removing the front bumper on a 2018 (s)Q5? thanks
  5. Schlaag

    SQ5 2018 SQ5 front parking sensor

    Hi all. One of my front parking sensors is chipped and is throwing up errors when parking. Does anyone know the part number for one of these sensors offhand? I called audi and they want £400 plus another £50 for paint to replace it! I'll just buy the sensor and paint/fit it myself The car is...
  6. Schlaag

    SQ5 2018 SQ5

    Sold my RS3 today :( Picking up a new SQ5 tomorrow... We've had a baby hence the swap. I'm gutted as I loved the RS3 I there anything out there for the new SQ5 remap wise? I feel i'll need to up the power. Also the exhaust... any way to get a louder sound? I know ABT have their offerings but...