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  1. Stampie

    How many of us are bikers?? Show off your wheels.......

    Can't believe I have missed this thread, some beautful bikes! Thought I'd share mine with ya..... Wow she is growing up fast she'll be 13 this year!!! She keeps bugging me about taking her to the Nurburgring for her birthday this year.... ****** teenagers want it all huh!
  2. Stampie

    Hello everyone

    Hi matey and welcome to the forums. I too am new to the A5 after upgrading from a A3 1.9tdi, we couldn't help ourselves and fell in love with the 3.0tdi. Otherwise it's like yours, 2010 3.0tdi quattro S-Line Special Edition. What gear is yours loaded with? Looks like it has the Black Optic...
  3. Audi A5 3.0Tdi Quattro S-Line Special Edition

    Audi A5 3.0Tdi Quattro S-Line Special Edition

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    [No title]

  5. Stampie

    Goodbye S3 and hello A5!

    Whenever you are in the area look me up, we can admire each others cars! :icon_thumright:
  6. Stampie

    Goodbye S3 and hello A5!

    I'm near Fareham, Between Portsmouth and Southampton. Looks from your signature you are a past VX man too, I had a Vectra 2.5 V6 Supertouring for 12yrs! I have yet to own a car with same soild build as the A5 tho.
  7. Stampie

    Goodbye S3 and hello A5!

    Looks lovely Nick, shame you are so far away or we could compare new motors! We have just gone from a A3 1.9 to a 2010 A5 3.0tdi Quattro S Line Special Edition! A5 activity seems pretty quiet on here... Have you headed over to Audi A5/S5 Owners Club - A5_OC yet??
  8. Stampie

    VCDS Supplier

    Hmmmm, there seems to be a pattern forming here! I too have received top notch and friendly service from our very own Nigel. Cable received before I even expected it! Big thanks from me too :icon_thumright:
  9. Stampie

    Wrong Fuel!

    Well that would have been a job worth doing even if I hadn't put the wrong fuel in! The old fillter came out black! I am a little shocked that these kinda things are not changed at every service, the car is a 06 plate and has 40k on the clock. It has always been serviced by the main dealers...
  10. Stampie

    Wrong Fuel!

    New filter purchased today and will be fitted tonight! Thanks again all :beerchug:
  11. Stampie

    Wrong Fuel!

    Thanks for the help guys, I'll get the filter changed :icon_thumright:
  12. Stampie

    Wrong Fuel!

    The unleaded did taste like ****, but not salty luckily! There was only about 20miles left in the tank when the unleaded was added. Might pick up a filter just to be safe. Where are they situated on the car, it it on the pump under the seat?
  13. Stampie

    Wrong Fuel!

    Thanks for the replys guys. Do you think changing the fuel filter is needed? The missus would have done 2 days of driving to work in it on 98% diesel by now. If its a good idea then I'll get a new one straight away.
  14. Stampie

    Wrong Fuel!

    I am still kinda kicking myself for starting it really, but needed to get it off the forecourt to empty the tank and back again to fill it back up! It was less than 100yds and pretty much at tickover rpm. I was gonna offer the unleaded to a mate but figured that is probably contaminated with...
  15. Stampie

    Wrong Fuel!

    Yesterday I did something for the 1st time! What an idiot - £30/20L of Unleaded in the Audi 1.9 Diesel :keule: Dunno what i was thinking but after 20yrs of driving I made the fools error! Anyway drove the car 100yrs to the car park opposite, got the missus to come out with 4 empty cans, hose...
  16. Stampie

    Gave the a3 some tlc today PIC HEAVY

    Red sure does look hot when looked after! :icon_thumright:
  17. Stampie

    Oops Passenger Air Bag Light

    You'll need it reset mate sorry, I did exactly the same when I fitted a Parrot kit. It stores the fault code as soon as you switch the ignition on. ****** cars are too clever for their own good! :sorry:
  18. Stampie

    Hello from me

    Who, who, who.. Please tell...??
  19. Stampie

    Hello from me

    Oi! I know you! Welcome to the wonderful world of Audi Sport mate. Glad you are happy with the green machine, even if it's not the Kawasaki Ninja green, it's still ok. :icon_thumright:
  20. Stampie

    New Site

    Looks Wicked - Top job!