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  1. Sug

    For Sale Genuine gloss black/polished rotars 19x112 ET 48

    As title says they are for sale in great used condition. With only a couple of little scuffs and one wheel has a small section of the polished rim flaked off. Removed from my RS3 8V which is now sold. collection from Co Durham £600...
  2. Sug

    Aftermarket wheels.
  3. Sug

    Aftermarket wheels.
  4. Sug

    Aftermarket wheels.

    Autec Wizard 19’s, 9.5kg
  5. Sug

    Another post , secondary cat delete bypass rs3

    I fitted Audi ones, cheapest and best mod to date
  6. Sug

    autowatch ghost problem

    I will give that a try if it happens again. Great bit of kit I think, nice knowing the car is going nowhere unless you put the code in or the car gets lifted
  7. Sug

    autowatch ghost problem

    I’ve locked myself out a few times, sometimes not sure why? Maybe I am just trying to put the code in too quickly. Easy fix with the service mode
  8. Sug

    Ferrodo DS Performance Bedding

    I just hit the brakes at roughly 70mph down to 20mph about 6-8 times job sorted. I was not bedding in new discs though as I had only installed a set of new ferrodo pads.
  9. Sug

    Secondary decats

    Yes agreed definitely louder, I had no issues with MOT’s either
  10. Sug

    New 2020 A3 - S3 with 333BHP

    There is no way that A3 in the pics is not an S-line a standard spec A3 ain’t going to look that good
  11. Sug

    Secondary decat delete

    Drop it into first at 5k revs and watch people’s faces. Priceless
  12. Sug

    Golf R to RS3

    If it had the dynamic pack you would know tone change is night and day
  13. Sug

    Secondary decat delete

    About a year ago Crewe Audi charged me £160 for the two secondary decat pipes
  14. Sug

    New 2020 A3 - S3 with 333BHP

    Let’s all pray it sounds like a PFL..........if only
  15. Sug

    It’s finally here

    It looks like a normal Audi :wtf:
  16. Sug

    "RS3" Gloss Black Badges

    Interested to know how?
  17. Sug

    New owner security questions

    The more deterrents the better don’t give the scruffy c**ts an easy ride
  18. Sug

    New owner security questions

    I have ghost fitted and smartrack. I also use a faraday pouch. Ghost and tracker came with the car 18 months ago. I havent had to activate the tracker luckily but the ghost is a great bit of kit. RS3 is also garaged with a van in front on evenings so pretty difficult to get at. If someone did...
  19. Sug

    Opinions of Stage 2 on Pre-Facelift RS3

    I have gone down the same route MRC stage one 425bhp and 620nm with the TCU software included. It’s a must with these. I would not bother with extra upgrades for stage 2 unless you are planning on a future turbo swap. As for the secondary decats it’s a no brainier when Audi will supply them for...
  20. Sug

    A little controversial? Better without remap

    I had the same issues with boost on my PFL once mapped by a local tuner with a good reputation. I had the map on my car for 3 months until I’d had enough. Once checked by my new tuner is was clear to see by the graphs that the map wasn’t giving the correct % of boost between 3-4K revs. Once...