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    Quattro Rear Diff Seal

    I need to replace the drivers side rear diff seal is it possible to do this with the car on drive on ramps without taking the wheel off?? Thanks Iain
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    Cheapest place to buy lower arms

    Just wondered where the best place pricewise is to buy lower arms these days? i am after lemforder or meyle and any thoughts on TRW? Thanks Iain
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    1.9 pd 130 starter motor question

    My car is struggling a bit to turn over when cold and the starter motor seems to make a much deeper loader noise than it should. I have had the battery tested and that's fine is there anything i can do to the starter by the way of cleaning lets say to make work how it should (its done 124k) or...
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    B6 Cabrio Passenger Door Wont Unlock

    Hiya, i have a problem with my sisters cabrio the passenger door wont unlock sometimes and it sprung a code of 01560 59-00 passenger door cant unlock, it can be manually unlocked by pulling twice on the handle is it the door lock micro switch or something else? Thanks Iain
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    Meyle HD or Lemforder Arms & Best Place To Buy

    Subject line says it all really, as i probably looking at doing the bottom arms as a minimum, i am guessing dealer is too much money? Thanks iain
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    A4 1.9 tdi 130 quattro hesitation/misfire

    My new to me car is misbehaving it has an odd rythmic kind of misfire when you put your down, almost like a judder pretty much happens in all gears, no codes stored car has been remapped according to previous owner. it certainly feels like it. Any ideas where to start looking? Thanks Iain
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    Winter Wheels For Allroad

    Has anyone fitted 16 inch winter rims from an A4 to their Allroad? Thanks Iain
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    Remap at 156k?

    My a3 1.9tdiq is running well still giving over 50mpg uses a little oil every 10k, still toying with the idea of a remap (blacksmoke) but i as it's my daily driver and i do 30k a year i really don't want to start wearing things out faster than necessary, just wondered if anyone else has done...
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    Febi, Meyle , Lemforder Part Quality

    I am going to be doing some bushes round the 4 corners of my A3 q shortly and just wondered if there was any preference for which of the above manufacturers i should be looking at? Thanks Ian
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    4 wheel alignment in Sussex

    Hi folks, any recommendations in Sussex ideally looking for someone who knows to align a quattro A3 as i have the rear tyres wearing on the outer edges and i believe the back end is adjustable as it's the same as TT. I could go to Audi granted but i would rather not for usual reasons! Thanks Ian
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    Retro fitting power socket in boot how to guide

    I spent an hour or so doing this today and thought it might be useful to others who want this also for coolboxes or whatever. As per a previous post i didn't manage to find a permanent live in the boot so ran a wire from the fuse box. You need topop off the fuse box cover and remove all the...
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    Permanent Live In The Boot

    Is there a permanent live i can tap into in the boot, i am about to fit a power point and juts need a bit of a heads up. Ta ian
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    Cheap Toothpaste Read On...

    Is great for removing grease and road crap from your windscreen, buy the cheapest non coloured you can find, then smear onto screen with a damp sponge, clean the wiper blades too, then pour some water onto the screen run the wipers across a few times with a bit of extra water and you are done...
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    Bottom Door Trim Removal

    I need to know how to get the bottom outside door trim off, i can see there are 2 screws holding either end, but does it slide off or pull off? Thanks Ian
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    Swapping Drivers Airbag

    I am curious as to why you have to disconnect the battery when doing this, is it live all the time? Clearly i don't want it going off in my face. Thanks Ian
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    Has anyone removed steering wheel airbag without disconnecting battery

    May seem a silly question but if the car has sat overnight and without turning the ignition on, if you removed the airbag in the steering wheel what would cause it to go off, as it can't have any power going it? The reason i ask is i don't have the code for the radio and really don't want to...
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    Xenon retrofit and radio interference

    Has anyone else experienced this since upgrading to Xenon's and if you did how the hell did you fix it? only happens on radio 2 or so it seems Thanks Ian
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    Rear washer now fixed

    I decided before splashing out for either a rebuild kit or new motor to see if it's possible to clean the nozzle on the end, well it is you can carefully pull out the metal silver ball with the hole in it with a needle (don't use the wife's sewing stuff she won't like you for it!) then pry out...
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    Headlamp Washer Cleaning

    Whats the best stuff to clean these with?, hose pipe and then wd40? mine don't work although the pump runs (well it does now the blown fuse has been replaced) it' mot time saturday and i need them to work. Ta Ian
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    Masking Headlights

    Ok call me tight but i don't feel like spending £8.00 for 2 blobs of sticky plastic to block the beam pattern when driving in europe, am i ok to use electrical (facelift plastic headlights) tape to make up the required pattern? Thanks