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  1. Oli.

    Sportback Bilstein B16s

    hello all Currently running MSS springkit on my stage 2 PFL RS3 with magride. Also running updated rear ARB, OX Leggara wheels and uprated lighter brakes - so all round a lighter setup. Thinking of ditching the magride and MSS and going for the B16’s. Just looking for feedback from anyone...
  2. Oli.

    B8 Lowering and spacers on a B8 RS4 with DRC

    Hello all A good friend has just purchased a 15 plate RS4 with the 20” rotors, and DRC. We re looking to lower it and add spacers for a bit more of a stance - What are peoples recommendations on either, and do you have any pics? I think H&R so DRC specific springs. Dont want any hassle...
  3. Oli.

    B8 B8 RS4 Must have options

    A very good friend of mine is after one, what are the must have options? My only experience was my old B7 RS4. Also if anyone is selling let me know Cheers in advance
  4. Oli.

    heated seat retrofit

    Hello all Is it possible to retrofit heated seats into the latest A6, and do you know anyone that does this?
  5. Oli.

    Stereo upgrade - No BOSE

    I'm thinking about upgrading the stereo at some point on my Non-Bose car. Anyone got any recommendations?
  6. Oli.

    Tyres for sale...

    ...Just a quick heads up 4 x 225 40 yr 18 Continental Sport Contact2 - Only 4800 miles
  7. Oli.

    EVO this month....

    ...has an interesting article on a modded cars including a 400bhp Audi S3.... Read it, its good
  8. Oli.

    Symphony CD Player FOR SALE As new - Silver buttons
  9. Oli.

    Dension 100 gateway FOR SALE

    As new with box and intructions - Allows ipod integration £50 ono - delivered price Easy to fit
  10. Oli.

    Goodbye S3...........

    ......Hello RS4 Avant! If all goes well, I should be in an RS4 Avant by the weekend!
  11. Oli.

    VAGCOM coding RNS E

    Can anyone help with the vagcom coding required when retrofitting the RNS E? Many thanks, I would have submuitted this in the VAGCOM section, but it is specific to the 8P S3 that Im after
  12. Oli.

    In case anyone is interested.....

    my car is up for sale........ :arco:
  13. Oli.

    Milltek and MTM Bimotos For Sale
  14. Oli.

    R8 MTM Supercharged Probably the wrong section, but I don't post anywhere else - Oh and I want one!!!!
  15. Oli.

    Maybe for sale......

    ....I may change my car sooner than I originally planned. I could try and sell it with the wheels, exhaust and intake on, however in my experience people tend to steer away from modded cars. As this is the case I will have the following available; 4 x MTM Bimoto Wheels with GY 235 tyres - As...
  16. Oli.

    Today I've been driving......

    ......a TTS Roadster. Im not interested in buying one, even though it is a fine machine, but it was the magnetic ride that I was interested in. My S3 was in Worthing Audi this week for some warranty work, and when I took their Audi A4 SE 'Ark Royal'(you can tell I don't like it) back I...
  17. Oli.

    Rolling Road Day - Southern

    Right, if one were organised, who would be up for it?? It would be London/Surry/Sussex area. A rough idea of yes's would be helpful, and then I'll make some calls :)
  18. Oli.

    Exhausts and Intakes

    Right Im ordering my Milltek tommorrow, just a couple of questions; 1. I dont really want it any louder than stock - What is the noise difference between resonated and non resonated - Any sound clips would be good 2. Tailpipe design - There are two available, 80mm jet or 80mm special -...
  19. Oli.


    .....not that I'd own this colour, but I think it really suits the S3??
  20. Oli.

    FREE FOS Tickets....

    ..... I know its not A3 specific, but it's freebe's so who cares