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    Diesel emission software update

    Hi, Been on and off here over the years and finally seen the light and come back to Audi. I have a 2014 2.0tdi (174ps) A5 Sportback and have been offered the diesel emission software update. Has anyone had this. Seen on the internet that some people throughout VW/Audi etc have had problems after...
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    North West BMW for Audi servicing?

    I have been using Preston Audi over the last couple of years and have been quite happy with them servicing my A3. I will be looking for a service quote soon and was wondering if anyone use North West BMW in Howrwich as they advertise as specialising in German cars....BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW.
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    Sportback - roof bars and box

    Holidaying in the UK with one child and luggage (some of which went on the back seat) was manageable. But now we've got a second child I'm looking at getting some roof bars and a roof box for my Sportback. Any recommendations? Halfords own make as opposed to Thule or other branded names? Size...
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    A3 8P Sportback Front Foglight

    Hi, I've got a broken n/s front foglight lens and would like a price for a replacement please. Its for a standard grill, not S-Line. Thanks, Ian