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    Collected my RS3 last week.

    If there are any meets planned around Northwest please let me know.
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    Thoughts on Buying RS3

    HI, I am looking to upgrade my S3 for an RS3, I have seen a few but I would appreciate some help on what to look for in terms of Spec, I guess they all come with a good spec but is there anything I should look for on buying, I do like the look of the red ones as it seems red is sort of...
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    passing 120kph with a beep

    Hi, My battery went flat on my S4 so i had to reset everything but now when i am driving and go past 120 or 130 kph (LHD) there is a beep and the speed sign comes up in the display. HOW DO I STOP THIS. thanks.
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    On my 2002 S3, Does anyone know what i need to replace as i cant put my drivers side wiper back on as there is not enought spindle left to get the nut on, Is it a complete thing or can i just buy a part to fix it, thanks for any help
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    What is the recomended engine oil for S3 please

    is it 10-40 or 0-40. Is castrol RS ok, They make 2 variations of it.
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    Are there any left hand drive S3's around for sale

    2001 onwards please. Need a left hooker.
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    Has anyone got a chipped S3 (265 BHP MOD)

    I have had mine done and i cant make my mind up if i think it is quick or not, Well it is quick but not fast, My past few cars have been M3 evo and Escort Cosworth (I had the Escort chipped to around 280). I know the Escort was dull in standard form but chipped it seemed to fly, What 0-100 time...
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    PLEASE. Must be original
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    Whilst taking my ECU out for Chipping i snapped the spindle on the wiper motor, So now i need a new one, Anyone have one or know the part number (I ask this as i am in Spain) and knowing the part number or someone already having one would be great. Thanks
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    Any one got a wiper motor for a 2001 A3

    I have just snapped mine trying to get the nut off the wiper as it was seized. Any one who can help thanks
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    VAG COM registering for free

    Is there any way to get a registered version without having to hand over any money, or anywhere a full version can be downloaded, I dont mind paying something if it helps. Thanks people
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    For Audi TT, S3, GTI etc obviously brand new, E-mail me if you are interested. Thanks Darren
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    Have VAG UK ever done a re-call with the coil pack

    As i have read various articles in the US saying a re-call was done there. As a matter of interest please post if you have had a coil pack problem I want to see the number of problems. thanks
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    Warning light S3 - Should it go out automatically

    The coil pack failed on my car on Friday and it was only running on 3, It has now been replaced and is running fine but the engine warning light is still on, Does it need to go to VW to be reset. Thanks. Also does anyone have the diagnostic cable to connect lap top to car. Or a kit SW and cable...
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    diagnostic software Audi/vw - where to buy

    I have seen advertised a cable and software to self diagnose (With PC) engine faults for a VAG group cars. Can anyone please help me in finding this as i live in Tenerife and getting anything done here is difficult to say the least and owning an S3 i think this would be ideal for me and over the...
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    Chassis number to find year of Manufacture

    Am i correct in thinking WAUZZZ8L52100**** is a 2002 model. I have read somewhere that the 8L is the model but am not sure what the 52 is. Thanks
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    S3 coil pack - Is it the same as a TT

    Or any other VAG car,