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  1. jiannu

    Facelift Excessive smoke at cold start up

    I have a 2016 S3 with around 28k. Recently I went stage 3 with Eurodyne ecu/tcu and had a ctsboss 600 kit with all supporting mods. Now I am in the mist of tuning but have it at around 80%. Need to get 4 bar and 5 bar sensors to go past 27lbs of boost. I recently noticed alot of smoke at cold...
  2. jiannu

    Need HELP with coding dynamic tails on pre facelift

    So last year I bought some European dynamic taillights for my pre facelift S3. I recently got them installed and had a whole lot of issues....I think we are past the wiring and now need to code them to work properly. Does anyone know where to direct me to the proper coding using vcds? Sent...
  3. jiannu

    Facelift Wanted Part # of Facelift rear tailights with dynamic yellow signals.

    I have a 2016 Audi S3 Canadian version and looking for the part # of the facelift A3/S3/RS3 rear tail lights with full dynamic YELLOW turn signals. It would have to be of a Saloon.
  4. jiannu

    Facelift part number for FL A3/S3/RS3 rear taillights with dynamic YELLOW signals

    I have a Canadian 2016 Audi S3 and looking to retro fit FL rear tails on to it. Does anyone know the part # to the rear tails? I am looking for European or the lights which signal yellow. Here in North America, our tails signals are red. Would also like to know where I can get them from besides...
  5. jiannu

    Bang and Olufsen specific speaker exchange

    Hi, I have a 2016 S3 with B&O sound system. Its the saloon model in NA. I added 2 amplifiers and wanted to amplify the OEM B&O speakers but it didn't sound good so now I am going to replace them with Focal. Does anyone know the specific sizing ? I know in the doors are 6.5" and 4". What is the...
  6. jiannu


    I have a 2016 S3 and have quite a few mods on it..... I did see some people with same and even the 8p models have similar exhaust tone/note as the RS3 as well as sounding like the CLA45 with the snap/crackle/pops. Now my question is How do I get that onto my car? I heard some small time tuners...
  7. jiannu

    RS3 grill with Adaptive Cruise Control(ACC)

    I have a 2016 Audi S3 with Adaptive Cruise Control(ACC) and prior to this purchase, I bought an aftermarket RS3 grill. Now my dilemma is how to fit my RS3 grill with the ACC radar in the front? Are there any vendors or lead me in the right direction to customize this grill so it doesn't look...