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    My New RS3

    I picked up my new Daytona Grey RS3 from Audi last Saturday. I've always wanted one of these cars and I must say that it has exceeded all my expectations. It's a very well spec'd car and also has the bucket seats with white stitching :rock: I gave the car to my detailer as soon as I took...
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    Audi RS3 FS in Tamworth Audi

    Hi, I have made plans to go and view the Daytona Grey RS3 for sale at Tamworth Audi some time this week. I just wanted to ask if anyone on here knew anything about the car? Registration number is DG12 FBV. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    Audi RS3 In Keighley

    Hi, Does anyone know anything about this Daytona Grey RS3 in Keighley? Any information would be greatly appreciated.