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    Electronic Handbrake Fault

    I've got a 2006 VW Passat (new shape), which has an electric handbrake, there's just a button you press on the dash. Recently the hand brake has started to not release, I press the button, nothing happens (the light stays on the button), keep pressing, still nothing. I have to turn the engine...
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    Top Gear new series tonight

    BBC2 9pm :)
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    QE2 bridge (Dartford) Average Speed Cameras

    For those that use the Dartford bridge from time to time or all the time, please note that there are now average speed cameras on the bridge. (in the Gantries). Each lane has a camera pointing at it, first as you start on the bridge, last just before the toll booths, at end of bridge...
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    A4 gone - New Passat arrived

    OK so the A4 went during last week, and on Saturday I collected my new 55 plate, VW Passat (new shape) 2 litre TDI Sport. - I must say it's very nice, certainly longer & more spacious than the A4 was, but then that was a R reg. Got all the general mod cons, cruise, ESP, Auto lights, Auto...
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    OIL warning light!

    Hi fellow members. Need some help, my car has started flashing the Dripping Oil symbol on the DIS on the dash. I've checked & have got plenty of oil in the car, about half way up the dip-stick. It seems to flash a few times, and then go off, and a bit later it may flash again. - This...
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    Car stalls - with new spark plugs

    I've got some Audi spark plugs (VAG), there are laser-platinum (as says on the box), part no: 101 000 063 AA When I put these on, under breaking, when I put the clutch down, the car then stalls. I've put the old Bosch ones back in, and it is fine, now I am happy to go out and buy the Bosch...
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    Turbo Downpipe to CAT

    Hi people, Hope you've all had a good Christmas, I've lent my car to my dad today, and got a phone call earlier saying that there was a problem. He went into Kwik-Fit, and got told something along these lines: The turbo has got detached from the CAT, or something. There was a mention of...
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    Dartford crossing

    anyone else here use the Dartford Crossing regularly? Have they found the queues even longer since putting the price up.
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    New Top Gear Series

    Hello all, New Top Gear Series is due to start on Sunday 2nd November 2008 Thought you would all like to know Set & series Sky+ now
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    Entering code into Gamma Stereo

    Hi there, Had the battery replaced on my Audi, so the stereo is now coming up with SAFE, I have the code, but don't have the booklet that says how to enter the code. I've tried a few combinations, such as RDS & TP, FM & AM, but it doesn't seem to work. Stereo is a GAMMA, for a 97 A4 Avant...
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    Super Size Me

    Any watch this on Channel 4 tonight. Where the guy can only order food & drink (inc. water) from McDonalds, and if they ask him to super size, he has to say yes? He also has to go through the whole menu!
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    Top Gear - Last in series

    Last in series this weeks Top Gear. RS4 is being tested. Also those who have Sky+ remember to re-link it, as it wasn't on last Sunday, and has now lost the linking again. :)
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    Top Gear's back this Sunday!

    Good news everyone, Top Gear is back, Sunday 8pm channel 2 Tune in / Set sky plus :)
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    Advice needed - Been suspended from work

    Hi everyone, On Saturday I was suspended from work (on full pay so that's good), for Conflict of Interest, basically I have been doing a few jobs on the side, in my own time. Some how my company has found out, I've suspended on full pay while they investigate it further. - Could lead to...
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    Door Trim coming away

    Hi everyone, The black door tim on the side of the passenger's door, has started to come off the car, doesn't seem to clip back on again. Is this easy to fix / replace?? Thanks for any help
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    Speed Trap Game!

    Hi all. Here's one for you all, can you spot all the speed traps. I got 17 out of 19 Let us know how you do!
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    Mark all posts as read!

    Not sure if this is possible, (or if it's already there, and cannot see it), but is it possible to have a mark all posts as read section in each forum. For example, you've read / posted on the welcome page. Then later on, someone kindly also welcomes 12 people, I may not want to read them all...
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    Gates Vs Jobs

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    Brake Reservoir broke

    Hi Guys, If while my car is being serviced, and the brake reservior brakes, while there changing the fluid, is it my responsibility pay for the repair and labour of this, or does the garage have to cover it as it broke while in their possession, and was working fine before! Cheers for any...
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    Top Gear's back this Sunday

    Just to pre warn you all, Top Gear is back this Sunday 8pm on BBC2. I've just set series link on Sky+ Apparently there showing footage of Hammonds accident too, so not one to miss!