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  1. DommyR

    S3 GAP Insurance

    Didn't realise there was a 2nd page to this. Its been a long day!
  2. DommyR

    S3 GAP Insurance

    With GAP do you quote the RRP or ROTR price? thanks
  3. DommyR

    Possible Eagle F1 as3 fitment issue?

    hi all As per the title just had new Goodyear eagle F1 assymetric 3 tires fitted all round on my s3. On this forums recommendation. I do have a query though, The front tires have a pronounced rim protector, but strangely the rears don't. Have they been fitted incorrectly? Images attached.
  4. DommyR

    S3 and speedbumps? Weird traction control intervention.

    Hello All. Had my S3 for nearly a year now and I must say I'm thrilled with it, perfect all round hatch back (for me). Although I just have a weird query with it, this may not be directly S3 related if not Haldex related. When I drive over a speed bump and put my foot down (slightly harder...
  5. DommyR

    S3 2016 Facelift spyshots

    Some sort of sports exhaust would be a nice option
  6. DommyR

    What features don't you use?

    300 horsepower...
  7. DommyR

    SD Card unreadable :(

    Awesome so it looks like I will be able to get it to work with my Mac, is there a maximum size SD card I can use? Merry Christmas
  8. DommyR

    Another mpg thread! (S3 owners please read!)

    I rarely get 32 in mine (manual hatchback). Usually on my 8 mile commute (Fenland A roads) I get about 28 mpg. Although if I'm stuck behind a slowcoach that can go up to 31, if I'm late for work that can go down to 21!!! I've seen 38 once and that was in perfect conditions with no aircon or...
  9. DommyR

    Good rubber mats?

    Yeah I have the A3 rubber mats from Audi. Excellent quality. Dealer through them in with the car so happy days.
  10. DommyR

    Should I cancel S3 order? Thoughts please.

    Going back to the original post. VAG will NOT fold, they are one of the largest organisations in the world. Ive cheated a few tests before, doesn't make me less of a person :welcoming: Get your S3, its an amazing car. (Although I'm tempted by the Focus RS, in that baby blue :wub:)
  11. DommyR

    ****** cat sat on my bonnet

    Yeah my neighbours cat gets on the bonnet of mine. Apparently they don't like orange peel and black pepper
  12. DommyR

    Faded paint on rear bumper/arch

    Yup looks like lack of coverage / overspray to me.
  13. DommyR

    Haldex broken - no 4 wheel drive

    The new M2 should be good!
  14. DommyR

    Description & age?

    Bit to young for me. 21
  15. DommyR

    Vindis Audi sports showcas event - Rockingham

    Sounds good man. Ive been invited to one near Ipswich somewhere. are they worth it? The only problem is that I'm 21 and it looks like you need to be 25 to drive anything. :bye:
  16. DommyR

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Thanks mate. No I haven't got a DA (yet) because they're not that bad I was going to use some srp or car lack. Are the DA's worth it?
  17. DommyR

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Quick clean and once over with fast detailer. Although somehow managed to swirl the drivers side
  18. DommyR

    Insurance premiums

    Surprisingly not. Its a small town in Cambridgeshire so its not terrible but certainly not posh. I bring it down a few levels haha.
  19. DommyR

    Insurance premiums

    And RS3 quote at £685!!!!!!!
  20. DommyR

    Insurance premiums

    Forking 'ell just done a quote through aviva and it came through at £530 quid. Thanks for heads up in that one fella.