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  1. deepy

    Sunroof Control Unit Long Coding

    I have been comparing VCDS scans of my 2018 RS3 from when I got the car and from a few days ago and noticed that the Long Coding on the Sunroof control unit J245 has changed from '901F00' to '901E00' !! The pan roof was changed earlier this year so was probably recoded hence the change, but has...
  2. deepy

    For Sale Genuine ROSS TECH Micro-Can-USB Cable

    Genuine Ross Tech Micro-Can-USB VCDS cable, purchased from Gendan Ltd with unlimited VINs and free updates. In good condition apart from a missing plastic tab on the plug, but this does not affect the use. If you are interested please ensure your car is compatible from the list, where you will...
  3. deepy

    Wanted LED Modules

    2 x LED modules, part number 8V0 947 356, for B&O speakers
  4. deepy

    Facelift Phone Box and Wireless Charging

    Found this interesting topic which may also affect Audi as it appears that the Phone Box option has been removed from the configurator.